Friday, April 08, 2011

Rain Delay

Yesterday we worked in the garden all day and thankfully have today off because of rain. Which is my excuse for a late posting. I took a mere 110 pictures of the results but culled them to just these. There is a different atmosphere in the yard on a gray day, and it is so peaceful. My old joints appreciate the respite.

We planted this lilac last year, and voila! it has bloomed. Not the thrilling flower I wanted but the fragrance is fabulous. I will order the updated variety that I love, now that I know they will flower here. The site is on a hill top where it got good and cold last winter. A necessity for these Northern bushes to bloom.
Our two older redbuds are in full bloom and the five we planted last Spring are struggling. Two have flowers and three have one or two blooms only. Hopefully they will linger and take hold.
I am THRILLED at the heuchera next to the brunnera. O the lovely combination they make.
 And always the prizewinner is the pink bleeding heart. It gets even bigger as the season proceeds. I was happy to find many volunteers growing in the bed beneath this plant. I transplanted one already to the pond garden and will keep a few more for the new invigorated shade garden. I love an enthusiastic plant.
The Dawg is getting bigger everyday, and loves his estate walks.

The Prince in repose.


  1. Looking at your blog gives me hope. Although Spring is technically here in northern Ohio.. it still looks dark and dreary. I love looking at your pretty yard and your sweet Chumley. Makes me want to go out and get another dog. My little guy is lonely since we lost our other dog last summer, and I have thought of getting a Pug. You just tempt me too much!

  2. Reading your blog always gives me hubby is retiring soon and we hope to find our little retirement home preferably along the did such a fantastic job of moving from IL to your special retirement abode. you've probably blogged about this long ago could you share how you managed to find your home or point me back to an old post that shared this info?
    I often wonder what your IL house was like? You have turned the TN place into such a wonderful space.
    Any hints you care to share to help us in our home search would be welcome.

  3. What gorgeous photos and such an inspiring setting! (& lucky 'dawg'!)

  4. Our trees up here have the faintest tinge of pink that promise blooms. The lilacs are greening, but nothing else yet. I am looking forward to the fragrance!

  5. You are about a month ahead of us (I'm in NW PA) in your "springiness". We are just seeing buds on the trees, tulips and daffodils are up and starting to bloom, and my pussy willow tree is starting to turn white (no, it's NOT snow for a change). We are so anxious here to see some sun and blue skies. Weatherman promises Sunday will be in the upper 70's!!! WOO HOO!!!

  6. Your yard is beautiful.

    I love lilacs - but they don't grow in North Texas. I guess it isn't cold enough.

    Thanks for sharing your gardens with us.

  7. Oh your garden looks good. I live in Denmark - Europe - we have spring know too, but my flowers and trees in the garden is still making winter sleep ;-) But i hope in a week or two it looks a bit like your garden.

  8. The Prince of Dogness.

  9. If you love the smell of Lilacs you should try Dwarf Korean Lilacs. They bloom profusely and smell delicious.

    Just keep them pruned back each year.

    Our whole yard smells when they bloom.
    Nice to see Red bud blooming.
    They are hard to grow here in Indiana.

  10. I'm jealous of your Lilac! I have 3 and this year the largest has lots of buds, but as usual, after a warm spell we are being buried again in snow... up to 12 inches at our elevation is expected! So the buds get frozen and don't open... sigh! And our Daffodils just bloomed last week, now they are buried. Thanks for sharing your beautiful garden!

  11. Thank you for sharing the garden. We don't have such color up in Maryland yet.

  12. Are lilacs there different to the ones we get in Australia? Ours bloom madly although we don't get real cold - they are lucky if they get touched by frost! Admittedly they don't do so well in "warmer" areas.
    Love the garden coming to life. Love the redbuds. Do you have dogwoods too? My garden, 500 miles away, is slowing down for winter - it doesn't shut down completely and we can still grow cool weather crops without covers. Some roses will flower all the way through!


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