Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter Sunday

Happy Easter everyone, especially Deb White the winner of the Win This Book! Contest. Congratulations Deb, and thanks to everyone who entered. Woowoo!
And now back to our regularly scheduled program. The deck top is fiinished and we have already been trying it out. Here is the view from across the pond, where I can see that we really really need to remove that old satellite dish, which has never been in use since we moved here.

We seem to have oodles and oodles of seating all around the place, including the six chairs that came with that table, not pictured. I don't think the lounges will stay here. Too crowded. There is danger at this point that we will fall off the edge of the deck, but that won't last. The finish will be planter boxes attached on the three sides, with the pathway being filled in on the front. The Dawg loves jumping across the gap. It's his big trick of the day.
Dave who loves to paint is priming the planterbox lumber here. The white will be covered with gray to match the deck. The planter boxes will be supported by 1. a concrete foundation 2. concrete blocks 3. wooden planks secured to the underside of the deck supports.
The planters will be like the ones pictured below, attached to the front porch. More GARDENS!!!

Dave enjoys the dappled sunshine, after a hard day of deck building. The Dawg and his new favorite rock. He also loves sticks, branches, and bark, but rocks are #1.

The Frogs love April and are enjoying the sun, waiting for this year's sunglasses to arrive.  Blooming Clematis. Nelly Moser variety.

A little Grand Opening of the Iris, next to the snowball bush which is ridiculously loaded with heavy blooms.

I planted the lilies in pots to outwit the voles and they overwintered nicely and are already shooting up. In the center is a big bowl of coleus which I am going to gorge with Miracle Grow in hopes of a huge mound of redness by June. Still some empty pots to fill, but my herbs are doing well in the one purple pot.

And this Columbine I started from seed last year, and is gracing me with this lovely bloom. I am thrilled of course. Planting anything from seed is to me a tiny miracle.


  1. I simply love your slice of paradise.

  2. Boy, when you decide on a project there's no fiddling around! Your yard is soon going to be a stop on a "garden tour"! It's gorgeous and I LOVE the frogs!!! What a great pic! I would think it will be hard to be inside this summer.

  3. Happy Easter :)

    Your deck looks good and I'll be watching for the next step (planter boxes) in the transformation of that spot.

    Your plants are WAY ahead of ours...probably a month! The only flowers that are up are the daffodils. At least the trees have buds...YEA!!! Slowly but surely.

  4. You are so lucky...we still have rogue piles of snow here in minnesota. Thanks for the lovely flower pics.

  5. So do find time to look after all this and quilt??

  6. I love your flowers!

    I am from Denmark. And we do not have this kind of flowers! Tjeck out my blog next week, then you can se the flowers we got in Denmark.

    Happy easter!

  7. Our dog used to carry rocks too, but got hold of some that were a bit smaller and swallowed them...along with a ping pong ball. Eventually had to have his stomach emptied surgically. Just a cautionary note for ol' Chumley!

  8. Thank you so much for the book! It is way cool- with lots of amazing ideas!
    PS- Love the new deck!

  9. Everything is just beautiful! You are so inspirational-you and Dave!
    Thanks for a colorful start to my day!

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