Friday, April 15, 2011

Diggin' Day

It was a big workday for us Thursday, since rain was expected for the next two days, we had to get the new trees and plants in the ground. Our neighbor Ola gave us multiple replacements for one tree that died. Two white pines, a Golden Chain tree (which looks pretty sad here in the foreground) and then the Blue Spruce down at the driveway entrance. Dave and Mike made quick work to dig the holes and set in the trees.

The new retaining wall is secured along the pathway edge. We have been dealing with this weak spot since we arrived, and now finally we believe the solution is here. As one comes down the path with a wheelbarrow, for instance, the edge of the yard falls abruptly, and now with this wall we have a wider walk area, with a nice grown-up look. Or at least it will be when it is filled and mulched.

Gallardia, or Mexican Blanket Flower

Mountain Bluet

Caramel Heuchera

Pino Gris Heuchera

Penny Mac Hydrangea and six Ipomoea (Sweet Potato Vine) to be planted

May Night Salvia

Six astilbe, in white and one in pink

Herb Garden, two parsely, tarragon and sage

Some transplanted daylilies, and three pink Speedwell to go with the blue one

More transplanted daylilies

I truly enjoyed my work planting new plants. Our garden beds are full of the most wonderful soil and this makes transplanting and planting a real joy. The bricks surrounding the beds provide the perfect seating so I don't have to bend over too much and never have to rest on my knees, as if I could. 
Hope springs eternal so I am trying Mountain Bluet and Gallardia again, after losing them already twice before. This time I have them in the front beds where I can keep a good eye on them, and where they are safer from the voles.  And my plan to keep ahead of the weeds this year is working, because I have paths cut out in the beds for walking in to weed. Lots of plants got moved to accomodate this pathway, and now I have more gardens. Yay!
 Dave and I did a number on the goldfish pond, emptying it and powerspraying the gunk off of every surface including the rocks! Now it is so clear you can almost read the lable on the pump. I removed the goldy goldfish and put them with the others in the big pond, and now there are only three white ones, and four Shinbunkins in this pond. Better for them to grow, we think.

The sparkling clean goldfish pond

The frog observes
The lily pads are up and still dark magenta, but starting to turn green. They make the perfect perch for the lazy frogs to watch the day go by.
Chum was busy digging too. He can smell a rock under the ground and feels compelled to retrieve it.

His dirty dirty face.
Dave and Mike sit in the potting shed shade, with the King of Dogs in attendance.
It was quite a day for us all.


  1. What a great post! Your yard looks beautiful and how exciting to watch everything grow. And, of course, it's always good to see Chumley, the cutie-pie!

  2. I see who is in charge at your house. Want my cat for vole chasing? I got one that loves to catch them. I haven't seen them since the first year we moved in.

  3. You put a smile on my face! I love the gardens and new trees... lots of work though you had help with the digging... I hope all do well for you. (Transplanted trees need lots of watering at first... until their roots reach the watertable... could take a year. I am the niece of a nurseryman.)

  4. Love seeing your garden coming to life this spring! so many wonderful color palattes in nature, aren't they? the fiesta of the blanket flower, or the gorgeous dark majenta lily pads with the bright green frog! They look like Melody colors! :)

  5. Lookin' good! Do you think I could borrow Chumley? I need some holes dug for posts around my new raised planting areas, so I can add fencing to keep out the critters! ;->

  6. I am so jealous. We had blowing snow today even though the daffodils are out and the tulips almost ready to open. The only gardening we are doing here (Toronto, Ontario)is final clean up from last fall. Really appreciate your pic's though

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