Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Wee Cuppa

I am not a fussy person, but I do have my quirks. I like a bone china cup for my tea or coffee. Especially one that has a gold rim. It's so fancy and haute-tea to drink a sip from a very thin edge. I have been searching for cups like these for some time and while on a hunt for a replacement doggie toy...I found these. Well, the original doggie toy came from TJMAXX so I figured...O forget it. Anyway these are bone china from...China! And they have a nice feel on the lip, decorations inside and are just large enough to get my fist inside to wash out the residue from yesterday's beverage.

On the third Wednesday my knitting group meets at Hobby Lobby and I was armed with a coupon and ready to find a 45 and a 90 degree template. They had the 45 degree Fons and Porter quilting template in two sizes, for $12.99 and $19.99, which seemed OUTRAGEOUS to me. So I went to the drafting dept. and found the two I wanted in a pack for $6.99. Since I saved so much money I felt compelled to spend more. I got some on sale items, a spiral bound sketch book for when I have a pressing idea that must be recorded (it fits in my little purse) and some paint, brushes and the totally unnecessary but enticing pack of canvas greeting cards with envelopes. Like I am going to paint some cards? Well maybe I am.
After having lunch with my sister and her husband Terry, I headed for Georgia, to a Walmart that I hoped would have the dyeable James Thompson cotton I had discovered last Saturday. It was GONE. Pooh. But... I did find some blue cottons that were necessary to fill out my stash and this striped cotton which will make the perfect binding on one of my recent quilt tops, should I ever decide to quilt it. eeek. And I succumbed to this ten yards of unbleached 48" muslin, which may or may not be dyeable. We'll see.

Still on the search to replace the broken squeaker toy, I looked at three more stores and finally found the monkey that makes the right monkey noise and couldn't resist the duck whose quack goes on and on and makes Chumley go nuts. Petco. As you can see, the monkey has Chumley slobber and hair all over it. He loves them both.


  1. What a fun day. I love getting home after a day like that and looking at all the treasures I found!! And yay for Chumley!

  2. I've dyed unbleached muslin. It might not give you as bright of color as you like, but dyes fine.

  3. What a great idea to go to the drafting department. I have also been trying to get some Dresden rulers and have been appalled at the price. Now I know what to do. Thanks!

  4. I once dyed an entire series of colorways based on my collection of demitasse cups. It was such fun!

  5. Amazing what a search for a doggy toy will lead to! I really that stripe for a binding.

  6. Looks like you got a 45* and a 60* not a 90*. Is that what you wanted?

    Love your cups. My daughter works at TJMAXX and I buy the same cups!


  7. Isn't it amazing the length we will go to for our loved ones? Great striped fabric.

  8. Love your ramblings about shopping expeditions and purchases - makes me smile! And the dog toys that Chumley loves are the best - methinks our schnauzer needs new toys too!

  9. Oops Jane I meant the 60 and 45 degree triangles. You were quick to catch my goof.

  10. My little chihuahua loves that duck toy, too. We call him "quacky." The first time that it quacked again after a slight pause, my Topo ran away into another room. I'd never seen her so surprised! Since then, it's her very favorite toy!

  11. Anonymous8:35 PM

    Looks like you had a fun day! I saw on Nancy's Notions web site the dyers cloth that you were looking for. Hopes this helps

  12. You're so lucky. Our Walmart stopped selling fabrics. I used to find some wonderful and sometimes, weird fabrics that were to0 good to pass up. Miss 'em.

  13. I LOVE these cups!!! I had a set like these years ago but I think they were put in a yard sale when I wasn't looking. I've been seaching for a replacement set for quite a while, too. Unfortunately, I don't have a TJMax any where near me :(

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