Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Busy Bits

After living with my Pink Spidey quilt for a few weeks I decided it needed more quilting. I thought about all the possible designs and settled on straight lines, and since there are so many angles in the quilt, the quilting should echo that. Free motion.

Two sides of the same pillow. I had made these fronts a while ago, and since they were meant to be two pillows, and I had no more inserts, they never got finished. Counting up how many new pillows there are around the house, I decided one is better than two. So I sewed them together into one, adding a boxing edge. The stuffing got robbed from two other discarded inserts I found in the garage. Nice and tidy. 22" square. Machine pieced and machine quilted.

A few daisies in the quilting.

I have been wanting some new socks, and to do
this new pattern, top down afterthought heel.
I really really like this, since it is mitered, my fave. But the pattern calls for 60 stitches and the yarn is slightly heavier sock yarn, Kaffe Fasset Regia 6-ply so I thought I should go down a few needle sizes, since I am such a loose knitter. This morning I realized I could make this same design with 52 stitches, and size 3 needles and not run out of yarn. So this beginning will get frogged and I will start again. I love the way the stripes go on the bias.

A little Chumley in his own bed, for once.


  1. I like the front and the back of the pillow, but the side with the narrow strips really appeals to me. Perhaps it reminds me of trees.
    As always I enjoy seeing Chumley.

  2. I can even hear him snoring online!

  3. No matter what he is doing , he always makes me smile.
    Love the bright pillows.

  4. I know why Chumley is sleeping. He is exhausted from watching you make so many things. You've worn the puppy out!

  5. I KNOW you and Chumley are very busy (I still don't know how you do it) but I like it better when you post every day!!!! I need my color "fix"! Love the pillow.

  6. Wow, your free motion quilting on Pink Spidy quilts is so straight....looks great. Any tricks to that. mine always tend to get fairly wonky.

  7. Ah ha - I was just looking for a pattern for striped socks! Think I'll frog my plain jane sock back and try this too! Looks easy to adjust for 64 stitches too. Always enjoy your blog and your color sensibility!

  8. I love what you have added to your quilt......the pillows are really nice as well.....Chumly is so cute!

  9. Love all the new projects you are doing.
    Please don't tempt me with sock until I finish the scarf I'm knitting.
    We have a new yarn store down the road that is to die for and I'm sorely tempted to buy more and more yarn.
    I was so envious of you and the store you frequent.
    Now I have it too.
    Big Sis


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