Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fired Up !

I have been dilly dallying around with this quilt for ten days! But suddenly now I am way MOTIVATED to get 'er done. It's all because we have a Modern Quilt Guild group starting to form and I am so excited. Even my sister Brooke is going to attend our first get together. So of course the thing that comes to mind is what shall I bring to show? O my eggplant, I gotta get this top finished.
It has changed from the original 24 blocks (4'x6') to 30 to 35 (5'x7') and who knows if I have enough sets made from this stack of block pieces. Nevertheless I have two days to sew before Saturday, so I plan to be sewing tornado.
Having new snow on the ground helps. Grrr.
Yesterday at knitting, my pal Roxie wore her new vest from the pattern I gave her. It's the Heartbeat pullover from

Chum couldn't find anything else on the floor to put in his mouth, so he stole an Allen wrench from the toolbox in the hallway. What a dawg.

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  1. Sure wish I were closer to attend your quilt meeting. It sounds like so much fun :) Love the blocks you're making!

    Chumley, Chumley, Chumley....what more can I say? LOL

    Vest is very pretty but NOT one for anyone well "endowed".

  2. Maybe was Chumley weaned a bit early? He always seems to have something in his mouth. Does he need a binky?

  3. Oh how I wish I were a better seamstress! Every time I look at your quilts I want to do one. Alas, I'm not great at it.

    I also want a Chumley!

  4. You need to watch "My Dog Ate What?" on NatGeo. (Google it)

    You will probably start hiding every thing that Chum could eat that he should not be eating (or have in his mouth).

    One dog on the show ate rocks and pebbles until they finally filled up the dogs gut over time. I think the operation cost the owner $18K because some of the rocks enter into the dogs bowels. (yep $18K)

    One very large dog ate 3 tennis balls in one day (swallowed whole) while he was at the dog park playing with other dogs.

    One dog ate baby bottle nipples (whole) as the dog's owner had twins and used them as pacifiers and the baby's would drop them all the time and the dog would gobble them up whole without the owners noticing. Then months later the dog got real sick and was rushed to the vet and the vet did surgery and removed 36 baby bottle nipples.

    Then there was another dog that ate $800 in paper money that was left out on a table. They rushed the dog to the vet and all the money was removed from the dogs gut intact.

  5. So you are bringing show and tell????? Lovin' those colors. Guess I better get busy, too! This is gonna fun. See ya Sat.

  6. Chumley almost looks like he's smoking a teeny miniature pipe!

    Really lovin' the Spider Web. It's coming along gorgeously!

  7. I cannot wait to see this quilt finished. It is absolutely gorgeous! I love that you use bold saturated colors in your are such an inspiration to someone who loves color like you do.....thanks for sharing all your creativeness with us.

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  9. Annie7:05 PM

    Your really must watch Chumley before he swallows something that will hurt him. My dog likes to eat books, newspapers, cardboard, twigs, and tree bark. So far, that's been OK, except I've had to replace some hardback books! I have to be very careful that he doesn't eat the polyester fiberfill from stuffed toys and I make sure he can't get into wastebaskets.


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