Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stayin' Home Again

Wednesday is my usual trip into town for knitting group and I was so ready to have some social time, but after only about half a mile in a horizontal blizzard I turned around and came back home. Hrummpf.
No pictures. You've seen it, it's WHITE.

Back at the ranch there was stuff waiting to be quilted (the least interesting part, imho) and now I have to decide if these two sides will be one pillow or two. If the choice is two, I need some backing fabric, and for that I will have to wait.  My recent purchases of strip sets and charm packs has provided lots of new fabrics to use. While not exactly a bargain, they do make it easy to have lots of variety without the expense of purchasing a large amount of fabric, and then finding a place to store it. I just found some Kaffe Fassett charm packs on Ebay and bought a set of 150 squares. Yipes! Imagine having to cut them all from different fabrics.

This is the back of one pillow side. I quilted through just the top and the batting, since this is just going to be a pillow and will have an insert. I have been thinking about quilting-as-I-go since I discovered this great blog from Marianne.
Suddenly I am re-considering all sorts of things I have pooh poohed in the past. What can this mean?

We are almost getting the house back to normal, and trying out new arrangements. When one has a long skinny room with a choice of focal points such as the fireplace and now the big black tv and stereo unit, the seating has to move to take advantage. It is still bare feeling without the quilts, paintings and curtains still to be hung. Watching the house shows on TV has really educated us about interior design.

Here's the swatch of the batik I ordered for the new curtains. I found it on and it is the real color of our walls, which look lighter and paler in the pictures here. I needed 18 yards for both windows and they called me to ask if they could send it in two pieces, since there wasn't enough on one bolt for my whole order. This was so lovely since one doesn't want a horizontal seam in one of the panels, so we worked out the proportions on the phone to prevent this. Isn't that super customer service?


  1. lovely, luscious, springy, color. Sooo yummy. Much needed this morning. Hugs to you two and the Pup.

  2. Anonymous7:31 AM

    Everything looks great in the room shot, Melody. Where is Chumley in those pictures?Being a fan of finding things in pictures, I spy Chumley sitting on one of the foot rests.
    It was fun looking for him.

  3. Carol, you saw that picture before I edited the final post today. That one is now gone.

  4. your long skinny room looks lovely!!!

    BTW, the link to Marianne's blog didn't work, can you send to me by email? tnknitter at gmail dot com.

  5. Two more great cushions in the making for Chum, there, Melody! I agree that quilting is the least interesting part...choosing colours...ahhh! Your room is going to look absolutely wonderful when everything is hung...though in the weather you're having, I'd pull the little table close to the fire and put my sewing machine on it!!

  6. Being snow bound can be a good thing for a quilter. Forcing us to finish projects and start new ones. However, I ran out of the right thread, so that is not a good thing.

  7. It is SO nice to hear a REAL quilter talk about quilting as the least interesting part of the project. I like designing, picking, cutting, and piecing, and I like working BIG (bed-sized quilts). It's the quilting that I dread. Maybe I should learn to work smaller.....

  8. Zieknits8:48 AM

    I vote for 2 separate pillows. I couldn't bear to choose which side would be 'up'. And can I just say? Rubber Duckies! Brilliant!

    Love that cottage blue, Melody. Thanks for letting me get my wall colour fix vicariously through you (our current house looks more like 'itself' with neutrals).

    Smooches to the Chumster.

  9. Don't ya just love charm packs!!?? I know it's probably a little more costly to buy fabric this way but for me it's all about the convenience...and accuracy :) Love your pillows-to-be. The living room looks so much more relaxing with the new wall color.

  10. The room is looking very cozy. You did some good space planning there.

    I'm going with two separate pillows.

  11. I,for one.loved the old color scheme but am so enjoying watching as the new one comes together!!! What is the painting over the fireplace....something you did?
    I'm thinking this may be one of the best "decorating with color" sites on the web!!!

  12. Melody - That pillow back needs to be a second pillow front! It's too pretty to be hidden! How were you planning on connecting back to front when they're both so gorgeous? Zipper in a side seam?
    And thanks for the photo of Chumley. Yes, he has a fan club. :-)

  13. Love the inset piece on the pillow with the circle inspiration and buttons! Nice to see the curtain fabric...beautimous!

  14. LOVE all of your photos, your work and special thanks for the new Blog link! Always so fun to see how others work :o)

  15. Feelin' my itchy-fingers for QAWM this year... any sneak peaks would be delightedly snarfed-up!

  16. "No pictures. You've seen it, it's WHITE"

    I take it you're soooo over it?

    Mel you gave me the giggles today.

  17. I hate that...darn snow messing with my quilting days...It's happened to often lately. Thanks for the QAYG mention...just be careful...very addictive!!


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