Wednesday, December 08, 2010

This Pastel Idea

At the end of every quiltmaking session the studio looks like a bomb went off. I spent some time putting away the remains and finding the fabrics for the next piece I have in mind. This one will be for one of the newly painted bathroom walls. I want to go really really light, using pastels with hints of color, and that means using some of the pieces I dyed last summer. Of course they will be balanced with colors that are a little bit more saturated, but the challenge is to not overwhelm the palest ones. Tough for me, no doubt.
One must use conflicting colors once in a while to spark up the scheme and that middle blue one is definitely conflicting. All the new stuff needs to be fused, so I'll be cranking up the iron today...if my arm allows it.

  It seems I have once again overknitted. How can one tell when too much knitting has caused injury? When the right arm throbs all night and is still demanding attention in the morning. Yup. I qualify.
Looks like I will be putting this latest Eternity on hold for a few days. I have only two more on my list after this one, so I think I can make them all before Christmas gets much closer.
I have not heard from the design firm, yea or nay, about my remake. So much for hurrying up.
Here's a the Pup of the Day picture;


  1. Nancy9:20 AM

    Are the mottled fabrics in the first stack hand-dyed? If so, did you use the method you describe where you scrunch and let fabric sit in excess dye? I'm really looking forward to see what you do with these pretty, tropical colors. Just what's needed with snow blowing sideways outside my window!

  2. Anonymous10:19 AM

    I can sympatized with your knittng pain. I have my right thumb in a splint now because of too much crochet. So rest that arm!!

  3. Oh lordy, I love Chumley.

  4. Delicious colors, eager to see the finished piece, how large? I have hesitated using quilted pieces in a bath room because of the humidity, any comment?
    As a Pug owner I am very VERY impressed that Chumley's nails are so short...mine is just this side of needing sedation for a simple nail trim, I kid you not!

  5. I love the colors you have put together for the bathroom hanging. He just never takes a bad picture. I hope I never see one like him for sale because even though i'm allergic, I would have a hard time to walk away.

  6. What on earth is you pup eating? It looks like an ornament.

  7. Those pastels are so pretty! Can't wait to see what you will make.
    Regarding you hand - have you tried a wrist support with a splint like this one ? When I am bothered by RSI and my hand throbs so much I can't sleep, this support really helps me.

  8. Hi Melody,

    Just love the 'zap' that turquoise gives the pastels - what a jolt!

    That dog is a hoot!! I'm surprised you get any work done - he's got the most mischievous expression I just burst out laughing when I saw him. What a lovely companion for you two to dote over.

    Thanks for sharing him with us.

  9. Oh, and I've been wanting to get myself a new camera - I remember you blogging about your great new camera some time ago, but I can't find the blog. You get such lovely photos, would you let me again what it was you bought, please


  10. Virginia, see this for the camera
    I use

  11. You know it is only you that has to hurry to meet a deadline. They can take as long as they like to get back to you.

  12. Having worked in art sales for the last 5 years, my favorite phrase is hurry up and wait. Really, I have made some art 911 presentations that have sat for 4 - 6 months for decisions.

    Hoping your decision makers workd faster.


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