Monday, November 08, 2010

Update on Must. Make. This!

 The  finished version of Ellen's vest which I named Mellen's Waistcoat, just to combine our names. Thinking ahead, I decided to block it before sewing the shoulder seams, which allowed it to dry faster. I just couldn't wait to try it on and see how it looked. Super!
Then I added the collar, twice. First time it was too skimpy, so I unknit it and redid it. It looks good, both up or down. While making it, I thought it would be shorter, but after blocking the back neck length measured 18" which is slightly below waist length. It is longer in front because I added stitches for a shaped hem. The bust measurements are a generous 48 inches, for a nice two inch overlap and plenty of ease. No one likes a too tight vest. Sold.

Stop knitting and play with me!


  1. I followed a link over from another site because I saw your pug. I have one named Lizzie who looks just like her twin.

  2. I LOVE it! You are something!!!!

  3. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Looks like you nailed it. I would love it if you shared the pattern. I can see many chritmas vests being made this year.

    Thanks in advance.

  4. Here's a similar pattern, available online.
    Just add a collar!

  5. Once again you have produced a winner.... now go play with Chumley!

  6. Do I spy a proliferation of puppy toys? Love the is perfect!

  7. LOVE the vest. By the way, Chumley looks adorable-anytime you makeit to Canada- he can come and have a playdate with Bear ( a bigger than standard white poodle who loves every small dog- especially those with a little attitude!)

  8. That is a great vest, love the colors!


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