Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This Big Day

Before I get to the big news of this big day, I must share the results of cleaning out the gardens yesterday. Here we have the tubers from the sweet potato vines that were loved by both bugs and me. I read that there would be sweet potatoes at the end of the growing season, but I wonder if these are edible? Not that many large ones were produced, but the fact that there were ANY is just amazing to me. Let me know if you have eaten yours, eh?

We have a very long growing season here and just recently got enough rain to energize the veggie bed to produce a large amount of tomatoes and green peppers. Then we got two nights of freezing temps and all were lost before they ripened. EXCEPT this big beauty. Not one blemish, or bug bite or bruise or anything. So it's November and I finally got an acceptable sized pepper.
OK. Now onto the big news of the day. MY SISTER IS GETTING INTERNET INSTALLED TODAY.
She has been without cable or internet and has had to live without since September. Imagine this. It has been a real struggle for ME. I can't send her links or share stuff, and have only SMS's to communicate with her during the day. And no TV at all since she moved. meaning we cannot discuss House or Glee and arghhhhh, this is just so difficult.
Imagine not being able to look up something on the internet, the minute you need to. How does one do it? Eeek! Yes, she can go online at work, during lunch or before work, but that is NOT enough, so we will be so happy to see each other online tonight, if all goes well.
And second....
Chumley is being neutered today!


  1. Congrats on achieving contact with your sister again! And poor ol' chums/chumster/chumming-a-long-ly. Soon enough he'll be back in business, but good luck just the same! ;)

  2. Penny8:41 AM

    A couple of quiet days for Chumley!

  3. Anonymous9:49 AM

    Melody, are you going to share the vest pattern with us?????????

    I can't wait to start one; I have the perfect yarn.


  4. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Good luck to Chumley, he won't miss 'em at all. My little dog seemed happer and bouncier afterwards.

  5. Hey Melody... I have planted sweet potato vines for years and have gotten small tubers before, but this year I also got some huge ones, so I googled it and got mixed responses. Some sites said yes, but that they don't taste good. Others said they were not..... so I decided to toss mine. I wonder if anyone else has tried :-).

  6. Hang in there Chumley!!!

  7. I loved the picture of Chumley with the caption. LOL The poor little guy won't know what hit him... All for the best though!
    PS-- My little guy appreciated a hot pad for the first day after the operation.

  8. Awwww will never realize what is missing and will bounce back soon. I'll bet a hot pad would feel good.

  9. Anonymous6:25 AM

    Cook your sweet potatoes well and enjoy. You could also make a sweet potato pudding. Search the www for a recipe.


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