Monday, November 01, 2010

Not Chumley

Several of you have suggested that I knit something to keep the Chumster warm this winter. Ha! The thought of trying to clothe the Wiggle Worm is hysterical. Nonetheless there are lots of cute ideas on Ravelry, including a few knit groups just for Pug-loving-knitters and I pulled these pics off the site to share with you.

Can you say Princess Leia? This is described as an anti-fireworks balaclava for the dog who hates loud noises.
This one is my favorite. I hope someday that Chumley is as sedate as this pug.

The face of innocence.


  1. If I had a charming little dog like yours, I'd make little hat and sweater outfits for every season. Come on Mel! Give it a try!

  2. Those are so cute. What we humans do to our precious pets.

    I was thinking Chumley deserved some quilted creations.

    I do agree that his sweet face melts hearts.

  3. A friend hosts the annual pug festival and says it's her favourite event of the year because of the costumes. Best of all, are the matching pairs of owners with their pugs, the all time favourite being a pirate costume!!

    (I dare you)

  4. Hmmmm.... IMHO, Pug abuse! I can't imagine being able to put one of those on a dog, and I would never hazard to try with my cats! But I know lots of people love to play dress-up with their pets, I just get the feeling the pets are humiliated by being made to wear 'cute' clothes! But if anyone could come up with canine-fashion, it would be you, Mel, and I'm sure the outfits would be stunning!
    P.S. What a sweet portrait that last shot is!

  5. Another indignity! How come nobody respects my basic pugsliness? The suffering I undergo!

  6. I'm sure Chumley will have some darling little outfits soon. I think they all like the attention.
    I just read the wonderful post on Del Quilts about the one she purchased from you. Of course, it always cheers her!

  7. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Precious pictures, although the first PugLeia looks like he's thinking of ways to get even, but the second PugLeia looks happy.

    Whenever I make anything for our dogs, they get excited and go showing off their clothes. Except shoes, they just stand and don't move.

    I have one of your Chumley set as my desktop backgrond. I hope my dogs don't notice :)

  8. No, please! Don't dress him in human clothing. Dogs should be spared this indignity.

  9. Ha! I do not believe in dressing dogs!! Mine is plenty fancy on his own. I saw a bumper sticker for you - My pug is smarter than your honor student!!

  10. Haven't stopped chuckling every time I think about those hats!
    How humiliating for the little guy!
    Glad it wasn't Chumley :)

  11. I'll be looking forward to more photos with Chumley. He just can't help but melt your heart. I can't wait to see his first outfit.

  12. Oh. My. Gosh. These just made me giggle like mad, well done, Melody!


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