Thursday, November 04, 2010

Must. Make. This!

My pal Ellen made a grand entrance yesterday at the knitting group. She always wear great clothes, and wonderful knits (she's really good) and we have similar taste, which adds to my interest. So in she walks with this darling vest, which is something I must have, in like 20 different colorways. Just the right thing to keep the body warm without getting in the way. And dressed  up with that wonderful pin closure. Too fabu!
I gotta make it. She said she would provide the pattern, but who can wait a week! Not I.
Here's the deal. It is knit side to side with a thick and a thin yarn, alternating each one for a row. Does that matter? Um...I'll have to decide that later.  What I really love is the vertical stripe and the lapels and the collar. It draws the eye up to the face and away from..uh...need I say more?
I will be drafting up my version today, or at least that's the plan. Which yarn? Ah, the decisions!
UPDATE: Ellen sent me the pattern name and here is the link:
And now a word about housebreaking pets. Lately our conversations at home have been about the bathroom habits of our pup and the old, increasingly decrepit Popeye. The above mentioned Ellen recently lost her old cat and she had purchased a huge box (120) of bed liners for people which she used as a catch-poop around the litter box for her senior cat. She has bestowed me with the boxful. These pads are like 24x36" which may seem large to you but for Popeye they are a target he can hit. Recently he has lost interest in the litter box entirely and has decided the tile floor in the bubble tub room is perfect for his bodily functions. In come the pads. He loves them! No climbing in the three inches of the box, just hobble in and let go, and hobble out. Something about these pads takes away any odor, seriously, so I am always having to look and see if he is using it.
Why am I telling you all this? Besides the fact that I tell you everything, it means that
 the litter box is GONE.
I am over the moon about this! No more kitty-gritties on the floor, and no more stench from the litter box. A clean house can't be far behind.
The pup uses pads for those late night needs and that works just fine for me too. The only thing negative is putting more stuff in the landfill, but time is running out for the Pops I am sure, and Chumley is doing better every night, long nights that they are, and won't be needing them much longer.


  1. Great vest!! Chumley is adorable.

  2. randi7:28 AM

    Melody, You make me smile every morning!

  3. Love the sweater! Let us know the pattern when you figure it out, or get it.
    Puppy is soooo cute! Doggy diapers? Got to remember this if we ever get a dog again....

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  5. I just read that cardboard toilet paper tubes account for 160 million pounds of trash annually. Can you imagine?! Apparently Scott is introducing a tube-less roll.

    It's all about the potty today, I guess.

    Oh, and the great vest!

  6. No, Chumley, we don't need to discuss this any further, the bench is yours sweetie! You know your Mom adores you regardless as to what she may be muttering.

  7. Anonymous8:57 AM

    I love the vest too. I'll make it to when you get the pattern or make your own. I'll need to lengthen it since I'm tall and have a short waist which shouldn't be too difficult.

    Chumley looks embarassed :) - You can read so much into a pet's thoughts if you're inclined.

  8. Melody, for about 10 years, I have been using what we call pee-pee pads,I buy at the pet store. I work all day and my small dog can't wait. So, since they were pups,they have been 'paper trained'. They are great. For a 5 lb dog, I only change it once a day. I wouldn't be without them.

  9. Love the sweater vest... it would be perfect for me, too... love to wear vests.

    Yippee! on the potty pad solution! So much better than the alternatives.

  10. Anonymous9:19 AM

    I love your pup, he's a cutey. I also love that vest. Is there a pattern? Please ask your friend if she will share it with us. That would be so great for me to wear to work to keep warm but, not be in the way. You can email me at
    Debbi F.

  11. Anonymous9:23 AM

    I haven't knit in ages, lets see, we were in California and I was pregnant with the 3rd child who is now 23, but I think that this vest could take me out of knitting retirement. I really love her closure button/pin.
    Chumley is so absolutely adorable and very expressive with those eyes.

  12. Where can these pads be purchased and what are they called/brand. I too have a cat (inherited from my son who had a new baby in the family and couldn't have the cat anymore) and she's huge. I've tried very huge boxes, but she still misses. It's in my shower to help with cleaning, but stinks! The pads sound like the perfect solution! So please where can I run out and buy some?

  13. Puppy pads are at Walmart and people pads came from Sam's but I'll bet they are available at large superstores everywhere.

  14. Anonymous11:23 AM

    I saw that pic before reading the text and gasped! It is so very stunning. Bet now you'll be searching for classy closures as well as the right yarns. This is so dangerous!

  15. If I wasn't so enamored with quilting I'd resurrect my knitting bag out of one of the boxes at the bottom of my closet for this lovely vest.
    We have 4 senior citizen pets and while we love them through and through, this stage of pet care is not the most rewarding. I run home at lunch time every day to let our 13.5 yr old mini Schnauzer out and even with the midday break sometimes there are "presents" on the floor when I get home. One of the cats vomits numerous times per day every week or so. And so on.
    Aside from that, I want to say how much I enjoy your blog. thanks for sharing so much. Chumley is very sweet.

  16. I too love the vest and might consider trying it (with a pattern)if you can.
    I love reading about the pets, especially Chumley!

  17. I clicked on the link for the vest and there's nothing about a pattern or price or anything but the photo, so is the pattern for sale or free or? I couldn't find out much clicking around on that site.

  18. I love that vest also. I would love to give it a try if I can get my hands on the pattern. Chumley is a cutie.

  19. Chumley is absolutely adorable and I am sure doing his business outside won't be far off. As for the vest it is beautiful. Ithere anyway you can share the pattern or at least tell us what it is and where we might acquire it.

  20. I am laughing reading about your cat about ready to leave this world. I said that about my late cat for about 5 more years!!! They can fool you sometimes and just keep going. He did the same thing with the litter box too. Wish I had known about this when I needed it.

    I love the style of these vests. Right now they are the perfect answer when you do not want to be too warm with a sweater but you still need something. You may get me knitting yet.


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