Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Lotta Stuff

Stupid Pet Cheesecake. Click for excrutiating cuteness.
Monday was starting day to reno the bubble tub room. Unfortunately the help called in sick, or went down for a nap and the work was left to me. I had to clear out anything everything that was in the way.

This was the wall that had the bookcases on it. And here it is with a test removal of the wallpaper. This room has become the new site of the anti-litter box, aka Popeye's puppy pad. It's a revolutionary development, and may have saved Pops from an early demise.

And here is where the library was moved. It looks so nice in my sunny room that I may keep it there. As I moved the books, I rearranged and deleted and discovered. It's always a good thing to go through the stacks once a year. Same with drawers...I arranged by subject, more or less. There was an overflow of magazines that I cannot bear to discard. I am figuring out their new location.
The quilt that was on that wall was moved to the throne room and will suffice for now in that position. I do have plans for new work, but getting there will take some time.
When all that was done, I allowed myself the luxury of some feet-up, radio-on, cuppa tea at my side knitting.

#3 Eternity Scarf knit for Linda, to gift. It is scrumptious Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk Aran. So seductive there oughta be a law.


  1. Oh I love LOVE the scarf! It is a beautiful pattern. The books do look good with the white cases against the colored walls. Your quilt a perfect touch in the throne room.

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous scarf!
    I have immediately bought the pattern.

  3. Have you ever tried arranging your books by color? My daughter's friend did that and then arranged the colors in a rainbow order....stunningly fun! Of course, you have to remember the cover color if you ever hope to find the book again!

  4. Anonymous11:39 AM

    I wondered how the neon green would be tied into the sea glass green. Now it's obvious, and very appealing!

  5. I love all of the scarves that you've been knitting. Is the pattern on Ravelry and is it free?

    Also, the colors in your home are awesome. Wish I could get my DH to let me paint like that!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. That green scarf is sooo scrumptious! If you ever offer to knit for cost again, I'd die to have one like that!

  7. Melody- If you ever decide to make another eternity scarf, and don't know who want want it, THINK OF ME. I love this scarf and its possibilities. I also LOVE, LOVe that green!! Have a nice thanksgiving. Judy Sebastian

  8. OK Melody, I finally gave in and bought the pattern!
    Love your refurb - that colour in your loo space was just made for that quilt - did you have that in mind when you chose it?

  9. The renovation is perfect...and I love the quilt there!!
    You do deserve a break and some rest after all of that work.
    I hope you had a wonderful

  10. Ok...this may not be anything you need to hear, but if your kitty is using pads (I had one who did near the end of his life) your lifesaver will be these inexpensive things that hold them in place on the floor while he scratches, and instead of tearing the pad out of place and getting everything on the floor and not the pad, it's in one place, easier for you to clean up.

    They have them on amazon, called Coastal Advance Pet Pad frame. They're cheaper than the big plastic frames and work just as well. HTH

    Oh, and I adore the quilt over the toilet!!!


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