Friday, October 15, 2010

Simon Cowl in Autumn Colors

So do you think I can get work as a neck model? This cowl is for Carol and is made from one ball of super soft machine washable merino/nylon Mini Mochi in color # 104. It may look like yellow but the lighter color is really more green. I used size 2 needles and my Simon Cowl pattern. If you are a beginning knitter, this is a super easy pattern, with pictures!
I am starting to feel a wave of relief knowing the motorcycle/ATV/ car driving of any kind is over for Dave. I have developed a fine sense of worrying over the last few years, all to no avail of course, as worrying does nothing but promote my gray hair and compensatory eating. The good side of this means we will be together more often, which is wonderful. I promised to drive him to baseball next year, if he can still play with that crooked shoulder. We'll see.
We talked about trips to the Gulf and the Atlantic, by van, which now has a distinct puppy aroma. I am looking forward to stuff like that, and wonder why we have never done it? There was always a project around the house to work on or artwork to make. Will my studio ever be peaceful enough to paint or quilt in again, and not be a big puppy playpen? Again, we'll see.
Several of you have asked about naming the pup Chumley. He came with that name and responds to it, occasionally, so we kept it. Of course we refer to him in many other ways, Pupsley, Pugsley, Pops, Pupster, Chumster, Chumaletto, etc.
It's that time of year to mortify your pet for Halloween, and now that I am a puppy parent I was sent several links to hilarity at the expense of pets. See this.


  1. Hi Mel
    I truly enjoy your blog and all of your numerous talents! Is it too late to request a knitted item - maybe by Christmas? I love, love your socks, especially the striped ones. I haven't knitted for years and not sure if I can take on something like socks. Hoping to hear from you.

    Enjoy the beautiful fall weather!

  2. Karen, I can't respond without your email.
    Send me a private email.

  3. That's a good looking neck and the cowl isn't bad either! Sounds like the driving issue is being resolved the way it should. A big worry off your shoulders!

  4. Good on Dave for making a terribly hard decision before something truly bad happens. Giving up the car/bike/ATV cannot be easy.
    That cowl has come up lovely! Isn't it interesting how simple things look so good?
    (And I love the "pastel" rainbow yarn, I've gotta get back into dyeing again, both fabric and yarn.)

  5. Anonymous5:32 AM

    Melody, I took at look at the Simon Cowl pattern and I am wondering whether it couldn't be knitted on circular needles? I am a beginner so please forgive if it is so very obvious that it can't be knitted on circulars. I do have a few short circulars though.

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