Friday, September 17, 2010

Two Tangerine Trails

It's hardly fair to put these two pictures together since the first one was taken with my new camera, under better lighting and the second one was taken way back in 2007 and isn't available to shoot today.
As you know, I was in a situation of my own (dumb) doing where I needed to remake the original. Having the first one as a guide made it possible, but at the same time I couldn't help pumping up the color and contrast just a tiny bit, and adding a spark with a bit of teal, purple and pink to the orangey mix. O, um, and lime green.

With hand dyed fabric one has the shifting colors to deal with too, and so finding something that approximated the water-colory fabric in the first piece was challenging. But in the end, I like the new piece very much, and feel an ever so slight improvement over the original. I hope the new owner agrees.


  1. Melody - I like the new one as much as the old one.

    On the subject of knitting, do you have a tutorial (or something) on the three needle bind off and join? I do not seem to be able to find one.

    Thanks - Marie

  2. First off, I really like the new version of the quilt - the contrast really brightens it up!

    Second, this might be helpful to Marie:

  3. Teresa9:47 AM

    I am always amazed that people who read blogs expect the blogger to do what the reader wants, and gets mad when they don't. You are an artist and have to create in whatever way you want and need to create. You are so gifted in at least 3 art forms. So do which ever you want to at the moment and enjoy the process!! Most of your readers will enjoy it also!

  4. Of course they are wonderful and your sense of color is divine.

  5. Anonymous11:04 AM

    I have to ask, Aren't you afraid of pissing off the owner of the original quilt? I'd be annoyed, if it were me. I know they aren't exactly the same, but... It somehow doesn't feel right to me.

  6. Can't agree with 'Anon' and I'm not afraid of being named and shamed.

    If I were the owner of the original quilt I'd think "If someone else wants one, I made a good purchase'.

  7. Carol3:40 PM

    I've been in almost the same situation before. It's a task to duplicate something which was never made to be made twice in the first place. They both look GREAT!!

  8. Oh Melody, you just ROCK!

  9. LOL - people are getting miffed with you changing direction? But why should you do what they want or expect you to do? If you are enjoying the knitting muse currently, knit on! Or the painting one. I'm going the opposite way cos really there are only so many jumpers (sweaters), socks, handwarmers, scarves and hats one (and one's husband, etc, etc) can wear and more importantly store in a small house! LOL But ti won't take long to fill up the place with quilts and then I'll have to share them or sell them or something. That's one problem with being a maker.


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