Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The New Regime

There's nothing like being away from home to get my head thinking about "what I am going to do when I get back"... And this time was no different.
1. Unpack and put away supplies and wash clothes. Check!
2. Get the weeds out of my garden. Check!
3. Change the goldfish pond water. Check!
4. Rearrange, declutter and weed out my closet. Check!
5. Clean out the refrigerator. Check!
6. Take clothes to Goodwill. Today.
7. Start that diet, seriously. Today.
8. Rearrange the garage storage...all week.
Dave has taken over the potting shed with his new motorcycle and therefore all my stuff on shelves got moved to the garage, on the floor and needs to be weeded out. A theme perhaps?
Although we have been here only three years, we have already started accumulating, not to mention stuff we brought with us that hasn't been touched YET.
With the cool weather and everyone back at work or in school, this is the right time to tackle all these tasks. I am up for it and it feels right to be doing it, to remove things that clutter, and distract, or no longer serve the same function. And in the process I am already finding things that I was about to replace, and now I don't need to.
And then...what will I focus on in the studio? I believe it is time for a new challenge. I don't know yet what that will be, but of course I will report. Your suggestions are welcome.
In the kitchen I am going to be making soups, new soups with new recipes. I have begun with lentil soup, which is sturdy autumnal food, and this is my first time to make it ever. Your suggestions are welcome.
And I brought in my fabric from the garage and have more sewing clothes plans. Once I am in the clothes-sewing mode, I feel so happy to be back making stuff to wear. New mock-turtlenecks are on the list, as well as pajama bottoms. I know these are not exciting fashion statements, but I am being realistic about what I actually use.
In the garage I have been storing our large dining room table and eight chairs. I bought this at the old house with the thought of "if you buy it they will come:" thinking of lovely dinner parties with lots of people, but this only happened about three or four times and now...we live too far away and even with my sister and her family here, we are fine around our little round table. Why keep it? Craig's List is my solution. This will open up a large space on one side of the garage.
You get my drift. I am deaccessioning and nesting at the same time. Love the cool fall weather for the nudge it gives me.
And I am going to declutter the blog sidebar too. Please copy the urls from the blogs you visit from my site, and copy any of the Helpful Stuff links in case they suddenly disappear. There'll be some changes made by the end of this week.
Now I must feed the fish, get dressed and mail some packages. I am energized!


  1. I'm lovin' it. And cheering you on, with love from Canada's Decluttering Headquarters. **Mwah!**

  2. I’ve got that nesting instinct along with decluttering-mode feeling, too. Early fall here in Utah, and I feel it’s going to be a long winter ... sigh ... Lentil soup is my fave. Soak lentils several hours first, then rinse. Throw in crockpot (or whatever) for several hours with a meaty hambone. When met mostly falls off, get rid of bone & refrigerate to congeal fat so it can be removed. Then dice the ham, add veggies, warm and consume with yummy homemade bread. Life is good! BTW, I’m sewing clothes, too. Odd. Making bathrobe, jammies, tops. Maybe even a skirt. It’s been years.... Hugs from a long-time reader (but very infrequent commenter).

  3. Wow, you've unpacked already? I am only just now feeling alive and awake after a weekend recovering on the couch! LOL

    Was a lot of fun meeting you. :D

    - Judi H

  4. Oh, no! Don't clean too much off the side...I love going there and learning! I'll try to get all the good stuff into my Favorites but am afraid I'll miss something!
    I'm hoping some of your energy mentioned above comes through the computer to me!

  5. For really good soup recipes, try the cookbook "Love Soup." I read about it on the blog "Wednesday's Child" a while back and ordered it. Really good recipes.

  6. I am an enthusiastic Melody follower. I shifted into the declutter mode recently when we moved to another apartment (20 feet down the hall). Same space exactly but much easier without all the STUFF. I lost momentum when we had a series of stressful events. You energize me and I am feeling back on track to finish the one thing that didn't get fiished...my sewing room.

  7. It's amazing how energizing a little cool breeze can be. And the cool nights with windows open - heavenly!

    You can never go wrong with lentil soup. You'll enjoy it. And by the way, you can have all kinds of elegant dinners right in your kitchen.

    We've been here for a year and I have yet to find my mat that goes with my rotary cutter. I think it's in a box with a painting in my shed. Good thing I'm not a quilter.

    Happy deaccessioning and nesting!

  8. Lentil soup usually needs a touch of lime or lemon juice at the end. Gives it a flavor boost.

  9. Please don't get rid of helpful stuff. Please, please,

  10. Anonymous4:14 PM

    Lentil soup + really good bacon + Yummmmm!
    That first snap of cold air brings about all kinds of wonderful cooking possibilities like chili, stews, soups, fruit crisps and pies and other good things to bake. How about a pork and delicata squash stew?

  11. I really shouldn't read as fast as you write - I'm convinced your closing sentence began "Now I must get the fish dressed"!
    I know this post had an autumnal feel, but it isn't that cold yet.

  12. prettythrifty647:08 PM

    Forget the meat in lentil soup, it takes an extra 11hrs in your digestive system, most unwelcome if you're dieting. Try a large splash of balsamic vinegar and plenty of paprika - mmmmmmm!

  13. "And then...what will I focus on in the studio? I believe it is time for a new challenge. I don't know yet what that will be, but of course I will report. Your suggestions are welcome." - I have a suggestion for you: have you ever tried sculpture? Since you are good at everything you do, I'm sure you would do well with this also!

    Kristin F. in SC

  14. Lentil soup calls for Indian seasonings: saute garlic, onion, coriander and cumin seeds, then add the lentils and broth (better than water)and maybe a can of stewed tomatoes, then some spinach and lemon juice and salt and pepper at the end. Yum.

  15. Sherrie S got there before me with the Indian suggestions. Then it becomes something call Daal, I think. Anyway, I always add a good dash of cayenne pepper to my lentil soup and whiz up carrots, garlic onions and celery in the Cuisinart and use either chicken or beef stock in place of water for the liquid! It's different each time I make it! And sometimes I'll throw in a can of petite diced tomatoes as well.


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