Sunday, September 19, 2010

While the Cat's Away

Dave will return today from a four day motorcycle trip into GA and NC and he has been diligent in calling me to abate my worries. He is having a super-wonderful time and that makes us both happy. So far he has had no accidents or been arrested. Thank God for small favors.
But of course while he is away, I must clean house and rearrange furniture. It's my solemn duty and kind of a tradition. I always like to have some sort of surprise ready for him after a trip like this. I can remember one year it was quitting birth control pills, so it isn't always a thrilling surprise.

I am hoping this arrangement will halt the tendency to collect junk on tables, by reducing the amount of available tables, or having one little one that holds remotes and not much else. I moved my coffee station table out of my room and put it behind the sofa to hold things like the headphones out of sight. My supreme task is to hide the copious amount of wires connecting tv, dvd player, speakers, mp3 player, amplifier, router, headphones etc. What is it with audio equipment and all those wires? If they can send a man to the moon...
The living room looks like a movie theatre but I just put our Netflix on hold as Dave has immediately fallen asleep the last four times we tried to watch a film. I am facing reality and saving the $25 a month (we had unlimited rentals) and don't think we will miss anything. The new fall season looks good enough to watch.
Dave spends his evenings out in the potting shed, AKA Motorcycle Salon, where he putzes and tinkers and rubs and washes his bike. What. Ever. He has tiled the floor and it looks like a showroom. I don't mind, since I am knitting and watching my shows anyway. We are both happy.

Speaking of happy, we have had a little rain of late and the garden has perked up. The warm weather continues, but the nights are cool and getting longer. Leaves have begun to fall, but mostly because they got dried out in the recent mini-drought.

I love my nasturtiums and their red/green contrast. So dependable and already I have noticed that seeds have formed and are planting themselves nicely for next year's garden. Methinks I will be buying lots of narcissus bulbs, since voles don't like them. Spring will be gloriously full of daffodils and jonquils. My basil is calling to me: Quick! make pesto before we all go to seed.
Good idea.

PS. Whenever I post pics of my chairs and ottomans, I get questions about where I got them etc. They aren't available anymore but I found these that are close.


  1. Hi Melody! I'm in love with your orange walls. Mine are a deep golden color in the living room and various other bright colors throughout the rest of the house. I hear other artists and designers say that they require living with white walls to sooth their eyes after a work day filled with looking at color... I can appreciate that without really understanding it. For me, color is a mandate. ;)

    - Judi H

  2. I love your cat figurine (first picture on the table) Where did you get that--cause I want one!

  3. Melody, I am in love with your wall colors and they make the white just pop. Orange and Teal have long been a favorite combination of mine.

    I know you like Ikea so is that an EXPEDIT Bookcase that you added casters to or is it another brand or source? Flexibility is another favorite thing for me.

  4. Love the cat! I quit all my memberships because I have dvr'd all of the shows I like and they have kept me busy. Great way to save!

  5. The cat was a gift and it came from Mexico, but are also available at import stores here. The IKEA Expedit bookcase? We put the casters on the bottom. Love stuff on wheels since we are both inveterate furniture rearrangers.

  6. Your rooms are so clean and well organized. It's so soothing to look at them!

  7. having looked at your link to the furniture supplier....I didn't know CSN had a household furniture supply branch. I've used them for school furniture and supplies and found them to be both reliable and well-priced. It's good to realize they also do regular furniture.

  8. I laughed so hard at What. Ever.I love your colors and the drapes are gorgeous. My new house has inside shutters on every single window which I thought was a wonderful money saving idea but I really miss the "layer" of drapes. All the color in your pics makes me feel so happy! I really have to get going on decorating.

  9. Really like the orange walls, especially where the orange intersects with the turquoise/aqua.


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