Saturday, September 25, 2010

Experience is the best teacher

Both front and back panels are finished and I have joined them at the shoulders, but I am not happy. I know this yarn (Noro Kureyon) will stretch and I hate to think of the wearer tripping over a too-long-poncho. Add to that a much too large neck opening and it comes down to doing some unknitting.  I have marked an appropriate row on the shoulder and ripped it back to 13 stitches for each side.
Then I used a three needle bind off to connect both shoulders. This is invisible on the front side and negligible on the back side.

This brings the center panels up about three inches, and simultaneously reduces the neck opening. Good in so many ways.
Now I can begin the side panels which should go very quickly, but....I had to order more yarn. I have more Noro, but it is not anywhere near the same colors, and rather than just go with it, I feel matching is better in this case. Luckily I found a great price on Ebay, for exactly what I needed.
Three needle bind-off video here:


  1. Wow! Too complicated for me! Gorgeous colors and unbelievable skill!

  2. I worship the three needle bind off - the day I discovered it was definitely a most happy knitting day!

    The poncho looks great!

  3. What an awesome way to join two pieces. I will use it on my sweater.


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