Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sewing Clothes for Teaching

Since moving to the country I emptied my closet of all the clothes I used to wear when traveling and teaching and reduced my garb to shorts and shirts in the summer (8 months out of the year) and jeans and shirts in the winter. Whenever I felt the urge for something new, it was a time for a trip to the rumdum. I would turn in the old clothes that had lost my interest (or no longer fit) and trade them in for new-old clothes. I got some great outfits this way for darn near nothing.
BUT, now I am coming out of retirement and need new teaching outfits which means digging into the stash to see what I can use for pants and shirts.

The Basics are Calcutta cloth for the pants and Linen Rayon for the shirts or maybe light jackets. I have chosen pastels since it is still summer and I can clearly remember trying to wear new school clothes that were meant for December but the weather was still August. Where's all the red fabric? It used to be my favorite color but lately it is a tug of war between pink, aqua and the wonderful lime green. Good thing I have some pink shoes.

Some of these quilting fabrics may become clothing fabrics since they coordinate so well with the solids above. I washed everything and they are ready to press, pin and cut. The dye stuff is shelved for the weekend and I dragged my huge Rubbermaid of patterns from the garage into the studio. Now the daunting task of determining what size to make things. Eek.


  1. Wow! you sew your own clothes too :) Hope you post pictures of them.
    p.s. I miss your sisters blog. Say hi to her.

  2. Melody: You continue to amaze with the volume of stuff that you do and make! I can't wait to see the new outfits. I'm going back to teaching soon too. I suppose I should be thinking about new outfits. I'm pretty sure I won't be sewing them.

  3. Wow, excited that you are "unretiring"...will you be posting a teaching schedule on the blog? Any chance of a west coast visit?

  4. Hmmm. how about "one size fits all"?
    LOL! When I see that size I always laugh because evidently I am not part of "all".

  5. Anonymous4:59 PM

    SO glad to see you're back doing a bit of teaching! I assume you're keeping it local and low-stress?

    My clothing needs include 3-4 outfits that work for TV! Yikes! Where are those magic shirts that make you look 100 pounds lighter on camera? YIKES!

  6. Goodness. I didn't know you could sew clothing too. Amazing Melody...

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  8. Mel I've been looking everywhere for fabric similar to the "manta" fabric they use in Mexico for mexican pants have all but been reduced to strings, so I need pants. Where did you find the linen/rayon blend and the calcutta. I looked here for calcutta, but to no avail.

  9. Beth in TN8:20 AM

    I would love a wardrobe made from these fabrics! Luscious!! Yes, if you have a source for your calcutta cloth, please do share!!!

  10. Ha! Ha! HA! I expect a miracle between now and the end of August. I am in your dyeing class or will you be wearing jeans, shirt and apron and rubber gloves like the rest of the class. Bonnie

  11. Sounds like an energetic undertaking, Melody.
    However, the thought of a new wardrobe is enticing.
    It goes without saying my wardrobe needs to be paired down.


  12. Hmm...I'd like to know about soureces for Calcutta cloth, too! Good luck with the wardrobe. I find it a pain sewing clothes now that my size fluctuates!

  13. some good fabric choices. looks like a fresh new wardrobe to me. but yes, maybe something red needs to be in the mix.

  14. hi Melody,
    Your fabrics for clothing look fabulous. Almost as colorful as your dyeing.
    Will you share with us which patterns you settled on for your summer teaching wardrobe?

    p.s. your gardens look wonderful!

  15. I am in need of Calcutta cloth and can not find it anywhere. Do you know where I can find it?


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