Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Everything in Place

I don't remember having this many empty shelves before...but I am not complaining. It's good to have room to breathe. Several pieces of furniture did not make the cut and will not have a return engagement. I prefer the openness.
Those white things on the very top are bed risers for my folding table, to make it high enough for comfort. The boxes of fabric are for my workshop students later this summer. I figure if I put them way up there, I won't be tempted to raid them.

 I kept two Rubbermaids, just to be neat, and peeking out there is the iron on a stick that I use for fusing. Hobbico here.
 A tiny bit of sewing produced this table runner for my bedroom coffee bar. This little bit of luxury comes from spending so many nights in motels over the past years. I wanted to try out my sewing machine setup, but didn't want to get all involved in a project, knowing I will be out all day today. It was just enough to know my arrangement functions properly, and now the room is still pristine.
A few weeks ago a reader, Edith Tan, asked if she could use some of my quilt images for a poster, for her own use. We discussed this and I agreed. Later she came back with a calendar idea, and said she would send me one for myself. Thank you Edith!!! She works for Hewlett Packard and does something with printers. Something amazing!!
 Here is the calendar, which conveniently begins in July, and goes to July 2011. And along with the calendar, she included several posters of my quilts, all taken from my Flickr photostream. They are about 11x14" and just fabulous. I am so impressed. Of course I want a printer that does this. I wonder what it costs?
Reviewing these older pieces has been good for the old brain. It encourages and reinspires me. Do you keep pictures of your finished work?

 One little garden picture. My scarlet runner beans have started setting beans. It will take a lot more than these to make a meal.


  1. I'm very impressed! I'm not nearly so organized, and most days walking into my tiny studio is like the aftermath of a tornado!
    I love the calendar and posters! and yes, I do keep pix of my finished work... kind of like an on-line portfolio!
    Enjoy your new floor!

  2. I LOVE the open spaces on the shelves - and the coffee bar! Almost makes me want to do some reshuffling (and repainting) of spaces in my house. I have finally started getting in the habit of taking pictures of my projects. It's nice seeing the progress.

  3. What a lucky lady you are. Your studio is a big envy for many of us. But, Mel, I can see one piece of fabric out of place. Oh Dear! Keep the inspiration going and let us know when you publish your calendars. I'll be in the line up.

  4. What a great space! I am in the process of redoing my space. I'm at the "overwhelmed" stage right now. Which means decisions have to be made. Yuck!

  5. I love you finished project. I also love your work. Is there a way to "follow" on Flickr?

  6. The floor and sudio look great. So nice to have everything in its place.
    WOW on the calendar! How very cool.

  7. Isn't it great to have room for more fabric? Enjoy your new space.

  8. I want the calendar and the printer! What a great gift for you!!

  9. I have photos of just about every quilt I've made. I always make a label for the back of the quilt, but also have written a paragraph (or more) with other information such as special fabrics, why I made the quilt, if it was a gift, design inspiration, ribbons/awards (a few!) and any other relevant information. (I think that I'll remember everything, but probably won't, so I'm documenting.) And who knows, my family might read it someday...

    Your studio looks great!

    Although there are many good quilt calendars available, I'm sure that many of us would love to have a calendar with photos of just your quilts!

  10. Love the studio and spied your serger out and ready for action! Mine should arrive within the week, and I've signed up for two classes locally .... worth it to avoid aggravation during the learning curve.

  11. I do keep photos of my work, but once they are "out of date" for shows, I don't keep them in as large a format, so they don't take up as much space.
    I lovelovelove the calendar! Can you tell us where to find it? And I am so envious of this perfect, pristine studio. I can do without the coffee, so I would have iced tea (unsweetened) there. Fabulous!

  12. Ah - life is good once again.

  13. Oh... I LOVE it ALL! As usual. Peace.

  14. Melody--Are you getting copies of this calendar to sell? I would definately order one. Love your work--it is so inspiring.

    And I had a little hardcover book made up with my best work from Shutterfly. I love it and take it to quilt retreats and 'somehow' work it into any discussion I have all weekend. :-)

    Your "new" studio looks so fresh and smart. Happy dyeing, quilting and creating.

  15. Ha! Click this link and enter you zip code and it will find the retailer that can do all these printing magic for you!




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