Monday, July 12, 2010

confessions of a font fanatic

Over the last several days I have spent hours and hours downloading new fonts to my laptop. Why? It is all because of this blog I saw: Why Not Sew? She uses interesting handwriting-like fonts for the titles and header on her blog and


So I emailed her and asked her what font that was that she was using. And I waited. And waited.

I am still waiting, but in the meantime I have been (as mentioned) downloading fonts similar in spirit to hers, and have almost totally lost interest in getting her specific font for my use.

But I am getting ahead of myself… I asked several bloggers who had fancy fonts on their blogs if they could help. One person led me to a free font site that could identify fonts. However, No help came forward from them.

But while I was looking I did find a bunch of *cute* fonts which led me to another site. kevin and Amanda. Now we’re cookin’!!

I downloaded just oodles of cute fonts, for free, from Amanda and found she had a tutorial to allow fancy fonts to be used on Blogger. As I read the tutorial MY EYES GLAZED OVER.

Way too many steps. So I wrote my geeky computer expert friend Cindra for help. When I have more time I will look into this…she said.

No one has that much time. I don’t, that’s for sure.

So another idea came into the old noggin’. Why not try Windows Live Writer again? Would it work? Could I use fonts downloaded onto my computer and have them show up correctly as you read it?

Please let me know if you are seeing a zillion different fonts in this post.

I am not going to drive you crazy like this again. I just have to know.





  1. Nope, they just look like standard font with some bold, some italic, some larger, etc....sorry.

  2. They look mostly the same except for various sizes. Some are bold, but no, they are not fancy.

  3. Anonymous11:39 AM

    Nope, no fonts--not on your blog, not on the RSS feed in my reader.

    Remember that what I see is determined by the fonts on my computer. Your HTML (your webpage) specifies its preferences but you can't make my computer render a page using a font I don't have.

  4. LeeFowler11:44 AM

    I see several different fonts, different sizes and some italicized. You've got some serif fonts and some san serif. Was that what you were aiming for?

  5. the same Anonymous as directly above11:54 AM

    FWIW, the only odd font I see on whynotsew is in the header-- which is an image, just like the "Melody" atop your blog.

  6. Just as others have already mentioned, the sizes are different, and there are italic and regular fonts. But so that you know, I get your blog feed through my Windows Live program.

  7. Not seeing any fancy handwriting fonts except the headline on your Sunday post and in your snazzy header. I have a million fonts residing in my Mac and was able to use one of them in my header -- but that was created in Photoshop! So maybe it's a graphic thing. Blogger doesn't seem to have many options for fonts for the body of the posts.

  8. If you really want to be on Font overload og to Fontgarden. Enjoy the hilarious sayings used to display the fonts.

  9. I just emailed you a possible solution, but I also wanted to say that she probably has a different template, because her titles of posts are the same as in the sidebar and that is probably somewhere in the code of the template. That can be changed, just have to find the code in your template!

  10. Nope all the same just different sizes.

  11. If you want to see her code, go to VIEW, PAGE SOURCE in your command bar (or something akin to that if you're on a Mac). You can see how her page is coded. So far it looks like it's either Trebuchet or Verdana sans serif.

  12. (me again) Nope, neither one of those looks like that. I'm not sure where it's buried.

  13. The thing about using uncommon fonts on the web is that viewers can only see them if they have those fonts installed, too. Usually, for the web, you specify a group of fonts, so that if a viewer doesn't have the first on on the list installed, then it will use the next one if it exists, or the next one or ultimately, the default font.

    One way around it is to create an image using your fonts, saved as a JPG file and displayed as an image. When you see websites with interesting, they are almost always images, sometimes referred to as "graphic text."

  14. Please do not put special police because google translation does not recognize and therefore does not translate, I have not mastered enough English to not use

    Salutations de Suisse

  15. I too am a font NUT!
    Try My Fonts dot com

    You will be lots poorer when you are done........

  16. Me again........
    Sometimes the fonts have to be purchased in order to use them "commercially."

  17. I can see your different fonts :)

    I have a question....I went to and downloaded a written font. Now what do I do? How do I get it to "write" in that handwriting font I downloaded???

  18. Hi, Mel.

    I visited the Why Not Sew? site and see that her body text uses sans serif font (default of your browser), but she's uploading the titles in decorative fonts using Flash (created in Flash and using Flash player to display on your browser page). I agree with others that you won't be able to do it with body text, and for headlines you'll need to do what you did for Sunday's post--create an image of the font using Photoshop. Flash is a pretty pricy option.

  19. Don't worry about all those fonts, we just want to read what you say!

  20. Ladies,

    You can use all the fancy fonts you want, if the person who views your page does not have that specific font on her computer, the the web browser will use the default font that is configured to display the page, as a fall back plan. And that is why most of us who does not have Melody's fancy fonts would only see fragments of sentences in different sizes and styles. I hope this helps.

  21. I second Debbie (MosaicMagpie) comment... We just love you and your quilts!

  22. YES, I DO see your diff. fonds.

  23. LOL! Mel, you crack me up! I am planning on spending a whole morning on this, but I can't get to it till next week! We will conquer this thing!!! You will have your fancy fonts!

  24. I usually read your blog through Google Reader but I do click over every so often because I like to see the actual blog with the sidebars, etc.

    If the font thing doesn't work out and you want a change, there are free backgrounds at There's tons to choose from too! I have backgrounds from that site on both my blogs. I will be starting another blog in the very near future too, and will use a background from their site.

    Make no mistake about it, I enjoy your blog as it is but I just thought I'd throw that out there for you. D~~~~

  25. Hi Mel,
    I'm using a MAC and don't see any difference in the fonts except for size and italics. I like what you used with Fun with frogs and fishies.


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