Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday: Going to Town

Today is knitting, plus a load of other stuff.
1.Water gardens, and check for bugs and caterpillars
2. Pack up knitting, camera, books for resale, package to mail
3. Attend knitting group, talk loud and laugh often
4. Go to Lowe's and Home Depot in search of perfect floor tiles
5. Mail fabric
6. Go to McKay's Used Books and resell books, buy more 
7. Stop at grocery store, salad, milk, borax

Yesterday we closed on the refinancing of our house, woowoo! Now we are getting 5% interest, which is more like it.
And then we went to McMinnville Lowe's to buy tile, and found their selection was minimal, so I am hoping I will have more to choose from in Chattanooga today. Gotta get that floor laid, as there is suddenly NO STUDIO until that is done.

I have been an inattentive knitter lately and only really knit at Knitting Group. So the same sock and the same one day scarf have taken a month to finish.

It dawned on me yesterday that my new floor will allow indoor dyeing. O the possibilities..
And painting with drippy paints.
And moving things on wheels ( everything but the couch is on wheels) easily, making space available when I need it.
I must find that tile!


  1. You might want to check that the grout you use is protected against staining if you're gonna dye in there...


  2. Teresa9:55 AM

    Also you might want to check out stores that exclusively sell tile. They will have a better selection and a more knowlegable staff, IMHO. And their prices are similar. Have fun!!

  3. Melody ~
    I've been lurking and drooling over your quilts and your garden for some time now. In a past life I longed to do what you are doing with fabrics. I made banners for our church, you see. I yearned for color and fabric. Those days are long gone, but now I can come here and vicariously live in bliss! LOL

    And your garden is sheer delight! Another dream of mine vicariously enjoyed.

    Anyhow, I wanted to mention that on first reading the line "And painting with drippy paints," I read painting with drippy pants, and wondered if you'd started painting while standing in your pond! LOL

  4. Still laughing at the last comment.

    The only time I make a list like this is when I am procrastinating. If I make a long enough list I will convince myself that doing one tiny little thing is enough for the day. LOL


  5. Joyce9:40 PM

    while you're looking for tiles at Lowes or Home Depot, pick up a set of furniture coasters for your counch so that you can easily more it around. I use these for my couch on wood floors so moving is a breeze!


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