Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Results: Six Sets of Silks

All are half yard by 45" wide, and three pieces were dyed in each set. This is silk charmeuse with satin on one side and crepe on the back. Since this was customed dyed for a favorite customer, I will let her choose first and then the rest will be available to those interested. $24 for each piece.

The weather doesn't look good for another day of dyeing today. Pooh.


  1. Just love the sheen that you get with silk. Gorgeous pieces.

  2. Just gorgeous. I'm having trouble containing the drool :-)

  3. It's all so beautiful, Melody! These are the types of posts that I miss. I'm not interested in gardening or nature, LOL!
    Waiting to see the next batch.

  4. Melanie - Did I understand yesterday's post correctly - these 6 fabrics were dyed in two piles of 3 fabrics each? i'm having a hard time seeing how they would have been layered - the colors seem to be in different places on each of them. Could you explain?

    However you did 'em, they're yummy!

  5. Those silks are beeyootiful. Now I want some :)

  6. Barb, r e a d s l o w l y.
    Three layers of silk are on each of the pieces of styrofoam.
    Six pieces of styrofoam = 18 pieces of silk.
    I am Melody not Melanie.

  7. Nancy9:54 AM

    Melody -- These pieces are just gorgeous! Thank you so much for your instructions and the peeks over your shoulder. Question: do the rolls stay together when you spin the soda ash out in the washer? If using a front loader with a really good spin cycle, will enough moisture remain? And, is this the same method you use for cottons -- X 3 layers?

  8. Nancy,
    Yes the rolls stay in place when spun out. I have no idea what a front loader will do...I am still in the stone age.
    Yes this is the same thing I do with cottons, three layers.

  9. Barb could have just said Mel and then you and she both wouldn't have known her mistake. There is after all one Mel! Love the silks, I do love the gardening stuff too. I guess I just always have a nice laugh and "oh wow" when I read your blog. Thanks for being you!

  10. I'd be interested in two or five.
    Thanks Mel!

  11. Oh how wonderful they are!
    What a pity that I'm so far away, to get one.
    See you from Hamburg

  12. Ok - so now I'll have to sign up for your class! drool, drool

  13. Gourgeous colours!

  14. Oh, wow, that was so worth the wait. I will have to try your method. It looks so cool. In the meantime, if you end up with an extra of set 1, I would love to buy it.

  15. Judy Darling from Northport4:00 PM

    Just Oh Wow!

    How about a YouTube demo?

  16. Pooh here too.
    I already have another skein ready to go. The word is pick for next project for ARTQUEST. Can't wait to dye up. Hoping for sun here tomorrow.


  17. Judy Darling from Northport... You Tube Video? hahahahahahahaha.
    And who would be the cameraman? As it is I am taking pictures in rubber
    gloves, full of dye, in the hot sun.

    Here's the action shot. Mel picks up dye bottle and squirts on dye. Mel drops slippery bottle, splashing dye on legs and feet. Mel hurries to get the hose before 'anyone' notices, spraying concrete, walls and herself, while dye spreads uncontrolled on fabric.

  18. Mel... would have loved to be a fly on the wall when you dropped the bottle! I usually end up wearing some of my dyes... turquoise arms, purple nose... but I do love your results!

  19. Great idea with the water bottles! Many years ago after reading your post on the Lazy Dyer I started dyeing all my fabrics using your methods. I stack my fabrics on plastic covered plywood with dowel cut between - works great! Thank you SO much for sharing these. Always love to see those vibrant colours!

  20. Wonderful colors! Dance of the seven veils would be a treasure! I get a piece of dyed fabrics and never want to cut it... just too yummy.


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