Thursday, June 10, 2010

Country Driving: Llamas

I leave early (8:00am) to go to town on Wednesday for my knitting group and usually keep an eye out for things on the road, like turtles, snakes, armadillos and deer. But yesterday I was confronted mid-road with a big honkin' llama (or alpaca, I didn't ask for ID) and came to a screeching halt, or a nice quiet one, I can't recall.  I've seen these beautiful beasts (big as a horse!) in their pasture many times but never in the road itself. Luckily I always have my camera handy and was able to record the event, otherwise who would believe me? After I caught his retreat, I edged forward and spied him and his buddy llooking totally innocent in the driveway. I considered stopping and telling the owners that their babies were out of the corrall, but then I might be late for knitting.

I never showed the fabrics that were the top layer of the silks. They are cottons and the dyes are absorbed into patterns that are totally unlike the smooth transitions of the silks below them on the dye platter.
And look what came in the mail. A set of beautiful new threads by Amy Butler and Kaffe Fassett. Several fiber artists were selected to try out these new threads from Coats and Clark. The are 100% cotton, size 50wt and dyed to match the designer's fabric line. OOoohhh!!!
Since RAIN is happening for the next WEEK, I may find myself using these for something in the studio.


  1. The fabric is beautiful and the threads great too.

  2. Large animals on the roads are scary! I once was going along and came across two Amish buggy horses that had gotten loose and were racing each other down a main road. They were running so fast it was all I could do to carefully step on the gas and get away from them! The thread is beautiful! I want some! I will be interested in your opinion on the quality of this thread. Please let us know.

  3. The vibrant colors you use in your blog give me the color fix I need (along with my morning coffee) to greet the day. Thanks!

  4. Last week we went down to our little Farmer's Market. There was a Llamas stand with their products. Plus they had brought one of the llamas down for people to see. Oh my what a beautiful animal and such soft fur. I wish I was a knitter. He was the hightlight of the day.

  5. I'm in total lust after those threads! Thank you for showing the pix of the cotton top layers. I will be following your instructions this weekend (but with all cotton and bamboo fabrics).

  6. Fabrics and threads are all delicious. When will the rest of us be able to get our hands on the thread?

  7. Lucky dog! If these threads are as nice to use as their poly embroidery threads, you will have some fun. I can't wait unti the rest of us can use them.

  8. I always stop and tell someone - but that's just the road engineer in me :-P

    I had 8 wild horses (brumbies) gallop across the road in front of me recently. I was driving with the baby in the car, trying to get a nap out of him. I found other ways to get him to sleep after that!!!

  9. wow, too funny! I love your fabrics!

  10. Anonymous4:52 PM

    Melody, if the cotton 'over dyes' are going up for sale anytime soon, I call first dip please.

    Just leave a message here and I will 'shout' back.

    The Lazy Dyer post is fantastic. Thanks a lot for sharing so much of your work and experience. Please keep that post up forever.


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