Friday, June 04, 2010

Cool and Wet

It's not a day that says "Let's get to work!!" Even a bit of exertion results in beads of perspiration on my upper lip...and elsewhere. The weather report says that Monday is the soonest dry weather will return. OK. I can deal with that. The dyeing can wait til it is more conducive, meaning the dyed fabric will dry overnight.

But men, being manly men who don't seem to care if they sweat, are out in the field clearing away branches and weeds, to make Dave's Zen Path (aka Dave's Memorial Garden). Dave and our helper Mike are using a chain saw and pruner to cut away the undergrowth so we can easily take a walk on the woodchips. This area is one of the only flat places on our lot, and we need to be able to take a stroll after dinner or on a frosty morning, without having to use a machete.
The brush and limbs are then trailored back up the drive to the space behind the garage which is becoming a huge mountain of wood.

This is a major project. And when they clear the trees, it will be time for more woodchips. We are becoming the woodchip capital of Grundy County.

They have a long way to go.

Dave assembled my cart yesterday and I immediately filled it with potting mix.
This went into the beds to make seeds germinate easier.

I added grass clippings first and then topped those with potting mix and then planted green beans, my second attempt. This time I have more confidence that they will sprout. This bed has the two Brandywine tomatoes, a Patio tomato, zucchini and five California Wonder green peppers.
The other bed is going to town too. This is acorn squash which has tiny little squashes on it already. I confess I purchased this group of plants. The cantaloupe and cucumbers are doing just as well. I also planted another package of beets, and two packs of basil. I know my sister will want lots since we are both nusto for pesto.

With all the fuss I have been making over my blue/purple/pink hydrangea, my other hydrangea is stepping up to the plate.

This is a red hydrangea, which actually doesn't really get red, just darker pink. This is also it's first time to bloom. Only four blooms have set. This one attacted two Daddy Long Legs spiders.

A much different color.


  1. That's one daddy, and one mommie long legs. They will dance on your flowers! Love the colors!

  2. Do I see baby long leg spiders in your future?
    Love the hydrangeas! Where does the path go? Just straight? It doesn't meander?

  3. I meant to add that I really like that first shot. Something about it is so peaceful.

  4. I'll bet Mike is happy the two of you moved into the neighborhood!

  5. I am really enjoying watching all the changes to your estate! I think soon you will need to buy more land to do stuff with!

  6. Marina7:11 AM

    I am green with envy - your garden is an inspiration.

  7. You have a whole lot of "life" growing in your garden!

  8. Anonymous6:11 AM

    Hi Melody, Just stopping by to post a link for you to check out. She has just posted a pic of her finished cardigan, scroll down and you'll find something very you'd like to know.

    Apart from her knitting, she does the most amazing quilts I've yet to see. I am in love with her mind!!!


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