Monday, May 03, 2010

My Flood Adventure

I left an hour early for my two hour drive to the Nashville Airport to pick up my friend Rose. I had decided to have her fly there instead of the much closer Chattanooga airport to save her $100 on her ticket. I figured it would be a nice drive for us to see the countryside on the way home.
It was merely drizzling when I left our house and I thought ahead and got directions from Google Maps, had my cell phone and my knitting, thinking her flight would be late and I would be waiting a while.
About three quarters of the way signs on the interstate warned of flooding closures for the road I would need to take, so I obeyed the suggestion to use the alternate route 840W. Once I got on it I began to worry about where to exit to get to the airport. I am not from around here...
Finally worry crescendoed and got me to exit on Nolensville Rd. which sounded familiar from traffic reports on the radio. Stopping at a gas station, I got good directions and found my way through towns and got to the right road to get me back on track to the airport. This detour ate up about all my extra time and I began to fret that Rose would be sitting there waiting for me. For all my planning ahead I never thought to get her cell phone number (I am not from around there either..cell phone-wise). In my  worry, I missed my exit and ended up downtown. Just as I was turning around my cell rang and it was Rose who was still at the airport in Chicago! All the flights were delayed or getting cancelled because planes couldn't get out of anywhere to get to anywhere. She was trying for a later flight and would call me back in a few minutes.
I got back on the right road and got to the airport, found a parking space and began to walk to the terminal. The phone rang again and heard that Rose's new flight would be the next day, Monday, and it would be landing in Chattanooga!!! Wonderful news. I could just turn around and go home, as if it were that easy.
Leaving the airport heading southeast the interstate was remarkably empty until I got to the mass of non-moving traffic waiting to exit the closed highway. O dear.
Getting off finally I was totally lost and the rain was coming down in buckets. I gripped the steering wheel and sat forward trying to see the road between the fast moving but useless wiper blades. No map in the car and could rely only on my direction indicator on the overhead accessory panel.
Well, here goes nothing I thought. I headed down streets that were either south or east and found myself driving through neighborhoods that were flooded as I carefully followed the cars ahead of me. If they could get through the deep water, so could I. Unfortunately most of these roads led to even deeper water and we all had to turn around and retrace our paths.
Taking a chance I headed the opposite way, north and west and that seemed to work as I ended up back on Nolensville Road again, going the right way to get to 840. I began to think 'it's a miracle'.
Then the dummy light on my dash lit up and the message said low tire pressure, service tire soon. Flashing like this has happened before, but I pulled off at a truck stop and got gas, looked at the low tire and called Dave. I convinced us both that it was merely a little low, and I could make it home alright.
Obviously I made it home safely and when Dave went out to the garage to look at the tire, it was flat as a pancake and had a big ol' nail stuck in it. How I made it home without it deflating completed miracle part 2.
It rained like crazy all night long but for us, it would have to be Noah's flood to do any harm. We are the lucky ones. Here's a video of the kind of stuff I was driving through yesterday.


  1. You were lucky you didn't have to go into Nashville proper! Did you see the videos like this one where the building floats past submerged vehicles on I-24? Unreal!!!

  2. But wait! Doesn't your gps tell you it is "recalculating" and tell you which way to go from any angle? Mine drives me NUTS, hey, I KNOW I'm not going the way she wanted me to!

    We avoided a roll-over yesterday and were able to zoom out on the gps map and pick a better route.

    Aren't you overjoyed to make the same trip today? Call the airport first!

  3. I am so glad you made it home safely. Be careful and stay on high ground.

  4. Anonymous9:40 AM

    Aiyiyi! What an adventure! Glad to know you made it home safe! I would have been on the phone with my hubby making him get on mapquest and have him talk me though it all!

  5. Glad you made it home safely!

    You should carry a can or two of fix-a-flat in your car. It's just a temporary fix but should help you get home the next time a tire goes down. I've used it before. You just have to remember to tell the tire shop that you've used it when they look at it to repair. :-)

  6. Do any thing interesting lately?

    Does Rose know what kinda luck you've been having lately?

    Really glad all went well, Melody.
    Will send Positive Thoughts for your trip today.

    Hugs & ♥♥♥s,

  7. Anonymous12:42 PM

    Glad you made it home safely. You really will need a staycation after that adventure! Hope your week goes well....stay dry.


  8. Anonymous2:47 PM

    So glad you made it home safely. What a weekend!
    Regina (Knoxville)

  9. I am so happy that you got home safely last night and hope that your trip today was less eventful! The pictures I've seen of the flooding in Nashville are so frightening.

  10. So glad you are safe!

  11. I thought of you as I watched the news this morning. So glad to hear your home is out of harms way.

    I have had situations close to yours except it was snow that was the problem. You get home and it looks like the most wonderful place in the world!!!!!

  12. Sure hope all is well with you... the news is painting a dismal picture of your area! Hope things went well with the second trip to pick up your friend!
    Stay dry...

  13. Wow - that's a scary and exhausting day! I'm glad you made it home safely and I hope you don't ever have to repeat that kind of experience. Definitely get the cell phone number of the next person you have to meet at the airport - LOL! Take care, Melody.

  14. Judy from Northport12:12 AM

    I was thinking of you when I heard about TN on the news yesterday.
    I'm glad that you are all right.

  15. So glad you didn't get caught in the flood and I'm glad to hear you made it home safe and sound. My hearts go out to all those that are affected by the flooding - what a mess, stay dry.

  16. Oh Melody! You've been on my mind as I've watched the news about the flooding there. Living in Houston, I know ALL about flooding, but, like you, my home is high and dry. Unfortunately...if I want to drive almost anywhere when it's raining like that I have to deal with flooded roads. Someone gets swept away every year here it seems! So glad you're safe.

  17. Mercy Mel, that's some scary business, stay safe Sweetie!

  18. Greetings from Nashville/Bellevue. Glad you got home safely. Definitely not the best of conditions to get caught out in.
    Parts of our town are currently being pulled apart due to all the water.


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