Thursday, April 29, 2010

I bought a bad plant

This is a water hyacinth, and it is an invasive species, but I promised to keep it under control in my little fish pond.
Wikipedia says: Water hyacinth is often problematic in man-made ponds if uncontrolled, but can also provide a food source for gold fish, keep water clean and help to provide oxygen to man-made ponds.
Which is why I did it. That and because I was at Home Depot's garden center yesterday and saw them for sale there. I never would have gone out of my way to find them, but fate put them in my path and I succumbed. 
I also succumbed to Algerian Ivy.
 No doubt this is invasive too. Darn.  I love the huge variegated leaves. I only bought three plants and for some reason this ivy likes the sun, so I will be looking for such a place in the yard today. Not such an easy thing to find.
I also bought two Marvelous Marbles Heuchera, and not because they were pretty. I had to rescue them. Have you ever been in this situation where you see plants hanging on for dear life in a nursery where non-plant lovers work? You know they are neglected and need love (and regular watering!). I had to bring them home, poor darlings.
Still left to plant are some fancy schmancy iris
which I am putting right next the ones I got as tubers in a bag from Walmart. I always go for the real high class garden stuff. Speaking of Walmart, they put their bags of bulbs section on half price and so 20 Stargazers came home with the groceries. I think I'll be in the dirt all day today. How could I resist?

and here is my new laptop. 
I am one happy girl.


  1. I thought Big T was the only one who rescues plants at Lowes. He goes straight for that shelf everytime. Almost all of them pull through with some good dirt and water.

  2. Happy day indeed! :-)

  3. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Laptop envy!
    Plant the Ivy down at your driveway entrance and/or on that strip by the roadside that you guys have to mow. Imagine that grass verge covered in variegated leaves Ivy, wouldn't that be stunning? Your neighbour would probably lose it! But then neighbours need to understand land boundries, don't they! It's yours to do as you please, or in this case as 'I'

    Where is your brother, you haven't written about him in a looooooong time.

    Time for my nap.


  4. Love the stargazers! I have to have mine away from the house because the aroma is overpowering.

    Nice laptop! Love that it has a keypad!

  5. I do that with houseplants from those stores all the time. I just can't bear it. I bring them home, get them all happy and recovered and then usually give them away since I have limited space for them here.

    Love love love your garden, Melody! Its one of my favorite things about the seasons changing is keeping up with you and your garden! :)

  6. Don't cha love your new laptop!!!!!
    Hugs & ♥♥♥s,

  7. Whew! Of all the planting and gardening I think I'm doing your prolific efforts overwhelms me. I feel tired for you.

  8. Kudos to you for rescuing those plants. I bought several potted mums last year that were on sale - because they were almost dead due to lack of water! They are flourishing at home now.

  9. I always get water hyacinth for our pond, but have learned to only get 2 or 3 as they seem to multiply to 100 by mid summer. But I love the way they float around the pond.

  10. Anonymous1:09 PM

    So beautiful and frog savers!! LOL
    Great Laptop!
    Lucky girl!

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  12. Since you seem to know what you rescue you are surely aware of the fact that Heuchera are pretty invasive too, by seeding wildly and widely!
    But their colouring is really nice. I would have taken them too.
    greets mhs

  13. Arlyn Parker3:01 PM

    I use water hyacinth to control algae in my pond (in Mass-zone 4). It's killed by the first heavy frost here, so you might consider pulling it out in the fall-once it frosts its slimy-yuck!

  14. I have water hyacinth in my frog pond, it multiplies very fast which is why it becomes so invasive in the wild, and it also has huge clumps of roots which I find takes over a lot of the underwater space
    ...and I'm not going to even mention my past battles with ivy!
    you do like hard work LOL

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