Sunday, April 11, 2010

Episode Two: The Pump

A serendipitous visit from a woman way way down the road resulted in three loads of free stone, interrupting the work on the 'koi' pond midday. (No koi, merely the name of the tub). Just the thing we need to raise the level of the pump so it would provide the necessary spray, and also to make for a more natural reflective bottom. I worried that an all black bottom might make it difficult to see the eventual fish.
Mike did an excellent job with the electric line, connecting it under the house, through a pipe, hidden in a trench, and arriving at the waterproof outlet/junction box attached to the adjacent garden bed.

Trying out the fountain, Mike got drenched, providing us with fits of hysterical laughter. Looks nice but it's a little too robust a spray and I would be refilling the tub daily at this rate. Thankfully there are three different heads to try, and an adjustable regulator for the force of the water.
This turned out to be just right. The sound of running water is pleasant and it will aerate the tub sufficiently.

We are not going to keep the rock just this way, with the edge exposed. I already have plants to surround the edge, liriope, which are very hardy and evergreen. I'll take advantage of the spaces between the rocks to fill with soil (we have about six inches of mulch covering this area) and add plants today. My usual trip to Chattanooga on Wednesday will be Buy The Fish Day. By then the water will have reached the right temperature for the fish. I am thinking of starting with about $10 worth of goldfish, knowing I will no doubt lose some in the beginning. When winter arrives we think we'll move them to the big pond and start over fresh next season.

 Gurgle, gurgle. I'm happy that I can easily see all the way down to the bottom. Why do we need a fish pond like this when we already have a real one filled with fish, water lilies and frogs? Need has nothing to do with it. We had the tub and needed to do something with it, and since the real pond gets murky as soon as the temps rise, there are times when the fish are invisible in that water. Hopefully we can keep a balance in this pond water, without chemicals.
 Mike and Dave discuss what a great job they did. I agree.


  1. Do you have many raccoons around your place? I'm guessing at the size of this thing as compared to the picture of the man in the picture with the tub but it looks like it will be an all you can eat buffet for the raccoons.

    With the pond there's enough area for the fish to hide and escape. This tub doesn't look big enough but it may just be the pictures.

  2. I think it's great - I wish I had it in my yard. I may start looking around for a "black bathtub" which needs a home. LOL

  3. The fun thing is, the sound of running water will also bring birds, who can hear it from miles away. You might find some neat variety of species that you haven't had, previously. :D

  4. Anonymous11:03 AM

    How come your yard work is so much fun! Your place is beautiful!!!

  5. I can't believe how much work you get done in one day. That is over a week's worth of work for me.

  6. Anonymous12:51 PM

    Oh, this is lovely - and they DID do a great job, because of course they hand an excellent manager! ;-)

  7. Hello again. I felt that I had been negative yesterday due to the death of poor Fluffy. I am so happy to see that you have a pump, something that I did not do. I'm sure that as you obviously have a green thumb with your garden, you will also have which ever color thumb it takes to raise happy, healthy fish. Best wishes, Cameron

  8. Anonymous2:22 PM

    A job well done indeed! It looks great. I too am wondering about the size as it is hard to tell from the pic. I am guessing it is about the size of a regular bathtub? I am also guessing you'll be relocating your gold fish to the pond come winter?

    My mind is racing at to where in my yard I could place such a

  9. I could watch that splashing, soothing water all day long!!! Loved seeing the process. Thanks!!


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