Friday, April 16, 2010

Early Bloomers

 Iris cristata the state flower of Tennessee. I feel very lucky to have a large clump of these darling little irises.
The erupt so dependably and while short in stature, they are long in beauty. I must divide the clump later this season as it is starting to leave the garden...under the rocks!

 My coffee cup rests here for scale. Tiny tiny.

The blooms on the new redbuds will stay around a few more days but the leaves are already opening at the ends of the branches. They are big heart shapes and provide lovely shade to sit under while reading a book, on the chaise.
 The indestructible viburnum is about to open. The blooms look like lace cap hydrangea but the label says High Country Cranberry. Whatever, it stays alive despite being hit by the truck and lawn mower several times. It is in the driveway when we want to dump something in the yard. Those days have ended, so there is hope for this big big bush.
 Our lovely snowball, an old fashioned plant but one that is thriving in our clay. So nice to see its vigor.
The new bathtub goldfish pond. I planted liriope and Pardon Me Daylilies around the front edge and have a black elephant ear in a pot on a concrete block and a Baby Tut papyrus and another water plant in the other pot. That is also balancing on a concrete block, both of which have openings where the fishes like to hide from the hot sun.  Here's a picture of the remaining (5 dead so far) 20. OK... it's a picture only a mother could love..
Here's a better view>>>


  1. Hope the rest of the babies make it. They're so pretty
    I love snowball bushes. We have nothing but clay around here so I may have to find some of those.

  2. No, this is a GREAT picture! It's shaping up really nicely. Hopefully the rest of the fish will survive.

  3. We have a tiny ornamental pond in our deck (about the size of your tub, I think), and we finally got the pond to thrive by getting some water plants established in it. Jen

  4. Melody, Take a look at the color of the Irises on my post. I can't take credit for them. They are growing in the garden of an old house that is used for public events.

  5. I adore irises. They just scream Spring. I'd never seen redbuds until a friend in North Carolina showed me pictures. The are SO pretty!

  6. Carol9:58 PM

    We have one snow ball plant as my husband calls it, but I say it's a hydrangea. The only time I've seen it look as good as yours was when we first purchased it. Thanks for the links and all the good garden information.

  7. Anonymous7:20 AM

    My grandmother had a snowball bush that was the largest one I've ever seen and she lived in Ohio. She also had a lilac bush. I loved those two bushes. They covered the side of an out building they were so big. So, I needed a lilac bush and bought one and finally, after many years, I have some blooms!! We just don't have long cold winters, for that I'm thankful. Your gardens are beautiful.

  8. I love your "all color way" I have always thought that all colours love to be together, especially if purple is invited

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