Friday, March 26, 2010

Binding Tutorial

1. Cut binding fabric at 2.25" wide, fold in half and press the length of the binding. 2. Stitch on the front of the quilt sandwich with a 1/4" seam. 3. At the corners make a 90 degree 1/4" from the end of the side. 4. Sew off.

5. Fold up the binding at a 45 degree angle. 6. Fold binding again, even with the quilt edge. 7. Stitch down folded end and continue stitching on that side of the quilt.

8. Sew mitered corners on all four corners of the the quilt until reaching the start/end point. 9. Trim excess binding to 1/4" to allow for the seam. 10. Unpick previous stitching to allow binding to be sewn opened up. Sew seam. 11. This shows the finished seam, which has also been sewn to the quilt top. 12. Press over and  fold the binding, forming a nice folded miter and pin the binding evenly all around the edge, catching the backing part with the needle.  

13. Pin so that the pins can be removed.14. This shows the back side miter before stitching. Make sure that is nicely folded too. 15. Stitch in the ditch from the front. 16. Neat close to the edge binding, front side.

17. And the backside showing the miter is caught with the stitching.

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  1. Thanks Melody. It's good to see that you can achieve such a neat finish with machine sewing.

  2. I REALLY hated hand stitching the bindings and so now I always machine stitch my bindings.... but I stitch it to the back first then top stitch on the front.

    love the latest quilts. say hi to Brooke from us all in Singapore!

  3. Thanks Mel for the step-by-step tutorial. That's exactly how I do my binding, except I hand sew to the back but I'm going to give it a shot using the machine to finish the binding the next time I make something. :)

  4. Thanks for the machine binding tutorial. I'm going to have a go with that technique:)

  5. Melody,
    Thank you very much for the amazing directions. I finally get it and can't wait to give it a try. The pictures really helped me understand. Thanks for sharing so generously!! You are appreciated!

  6. I do my bindings by machine from the back. I volunteered to put a binding on for a friend and it was already sewn on from the front, so THANK YOU, now I will won't have to do it by hand. You are the best!

  7. Thank you Melody! I've been wanting to try this...I think I will try stitching it first to the "back" of the quilt, then use a short machine blind stitch on the front, just catching the edge of the binding. With clear or closely matching thread, it would be barely visible.
    Even using a thicker, contrasting thread might give the front binding edge a nice decorative look. hmmm...


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