Thursday, February 11, 2010

Trusting Fate

Trusting Fate, unquilted cottons, machine pieced. 32.5 x 42.5"

My decision to use up scraps resulted in this piece and there are still more strips left to use. Do they reproduce when I am not looking? The title comes from just using what was next to make my striped fabric. Whatever happens, I was trusting the results to work.
The piece is wonky and feels more folk-arty and fresh. I am really happy.


  1. Now you took the words out of my keyboard and don't leave anything to be said.

  2. Mel,

    I read your blog all the time. Love your work but his makes my toes tingle and my fingers dance. I really love this!!


  3. Anonymous4:23 PM

    Love it! sings Melody! AND you used up MORE commercial scraps.
    <3 judi

  4. Anonymous4:27 PM

    Yup - LOVE the wonkiness of this one!

  5. Somehow it works - not sure why, but it does. Are you going further or is this it? I like it.

  6. Great piece. I have always said that my fabric and yarn are busy at night having babies and that is why my stash is the size it is.

  7. Marie,
    this one is finished, except for the quilting, of course. We'll see what else the leftovers will become.

  8. Rock on with your Wonky self.
    I'm swooning over here!

  9. I guess it is time that your Big Sis tells you the facts of life!
    When you put your fabrics away and it gets dark they breed in the box.
    The only place they don't breed is here in Florida. I don't know why?

  10. Anonymous4:08 AM

    wow melody
    thanks so much for
    letting us share your joy
    it soes make the Scottish
    winter brighter

  11. Well, that is really spectacular. Wish I'd made it!

  12. This one is wonderful, Melody! It looks less formulaic than some of the earlier print exercises. It sings!

  13. I took some of my scrap clearance pieces to a gathering of quilty friends last week, and one gal said, "Oh, this piece would make a great table runner." I gave it to her. Another grabbed a couple of pieces and said, "Tote bag!" I handed them over. Someone said, "You can't give away your work!" I said, "A couple of weeks ago, these were scraps in a cupboard. Now, they're useful. Hooray!" It's a psychically good thing to clear the decks.

  14. Pammyfay1:13 PM

    Wonky, fun and just plain cute!

  15. love it. bright, happy, and free.


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