Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Quilts on my Studio Walls

In the previous post's comments Irene said...

Can you give us some information
on the quilt hanging above your work table?
is this fused or pieced?
How about a straight on photo shot?
Just found your blog and you are a great inspiration. (I left that part in because it helps me feel good).

Which worktable? I wondered. I have three. The piece most recently hung is Rickrack Pies. It's about 60x60. It is pieced and fused. The blocks are composed and then  fused onto a muslin base (very unusual for my work), with decorative thread stitching in the bobbin and metallic and plain rickrack covering the edges of the fused silks and cottons. Then the blocks are pieced together.
I made this quilt to enter in an AQS show in the 90's when the theme was circles. It didn't win any thing. Pooh.
Here's a closeup.

The next most recently hung piece is Lollapalooza Log Cabin which I made when Wanda and I attended QSDS together (in the 90's sometime). We didn't take a class, but rented studio space to work instead. We were also roommates, and that's a lot of me that Wanda had to endure. Glad she recovered. Lolla is pieced and machine quilted.
My design is in a book called Log Cabins for Everyone, published by House of White Birches.
It was just one of those things. I got a call or letter (who can remember?) and they wanted a log cabin pattern from me for their book. I had already made the quilt, so all I had to do was write up the directions. No stress involved. I like that alot.

 I think I overdid the quilting. I was much more enthusiastic in those days...

And then we have Matchstick Moons #1, fused and machine quilted.

And Four Square Circles which is also fused. It
was in Visions in like 2000 or 2001...I forget. I'll have to look it up. Time flies, no?
And then we have Leaf Light
which is one of my faves. It was made with no plan in mind and all from fabrics leftover from another quilt.I used black in some of the pieces I dyed and it makes the ones without it glow.
When I look at it on the wall it reminds me that I really must make more of that dark fabric again. Yellow dye mixed with a little black makes a super neat green. Nothing else like it.
This quilt is fused and machine quilted.
Detail. Minimal quilting. I likey.

Now honestly, does it matter if it is pieced or fused? Would this quilt look any better if it were pieced? That's the thing I think about when I decide to make a new piece. Does it have to be washable? Does it have to be functional? What is really really important to me is not how it is made but what the results are. There are so many things I can do with fusing that I could not possibly do (or want to attempt!) with piecing. I mean really.


  1. OMG! I'm so glad Irene asked the question!!! Leaf Light just blows me gorgeous! Those colors! And Lolla, too! All of them, really, but those two are just something else. And I love your descriptions and thoughts about them. I'm so happy to have your blog to look forward to everyday!

  2. Thanks for giving us such a beautiful art show this morning! It is inspirational!!

  3. Sheila10:08 AM

    What a wonderful post. I am absolutely bowled over. Leaf light is gorgeous.

  4. I am still in a state of awe! They are beautiful and such a bold statement in color. Thank you. Where can I find a good tutorial on fusing?

  5. Of course fusing has opened new doors! It fills the gap between piecing and painting/printing a fabric.
    If I wasn't so hooked on hand quilting, I'd fuse a lot more.

  6. Wow! That "Leaf Light" is such an amazing piece, it just glows and I LOVE it! Mercy mercy, when I grow up I wanna create work like THAT!!!

  7. Hope to dye some fabric tomorrow. I'll try mixing some black with yellow to get that green. Wouldn't have thought of that one!

    I agree, "Leaf Light" is amazing, but so are ALL your quilts! Just getting into fusing too, which is why I'm dyeing fabric...

  8. Melody, I love reading your blog every day. Today was wonderful! I love the great show and especially love, love, love Matchstick Moons #1 (and really all your Matchstick quilts!)

  9. So much fun to see the quilts! So is it art if it's not washable? There's a debate... I just don't buy all that fusing stuff... So it doesn't matter if it's pieced or fused as long as you are having fun!

  10. "What is really really important to me is not how it is made but what the results are."

    So true.

  11. Melody, your genius is frickin' amazing! I am agog! I am awestruck! (My hubby concurs!)

  12. Anonymous3:12 PM

    Thanks for giving us such a beautiful art show this morning! It is inspirational an wonderful!

  13. Irene5:36 PM

    Just after I asked the question, I realized that there was more than one. But leaving for a ski weekend so no time to clarify. The one that caught my eye was Lollapalooza Log Cabin. But I'm glad I didn't clarify because I love them all. No reason to know if fused or pieced other than curiosity.

  14. Leaf light and matchstick moons are my favorites, they are all wonderful. With fusing (which I do a lot of) I have been told that you have to sew all around the edges of each fused piece twice to prevent it fraying but noticed when I expanded the photos that yours had plenty of pieces that looked like they were unsewn. What fusing do you use that stops these peeling off with time? If you wanted to wash it would you need to rows of stitching? And lastly if you're not sick of questions - how do you clean a non washable quilt if it gets dusty? Hope you have time to answer, cause not having to sew around everything would be awesome!


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