Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fun with Knitting

  Marj wore her Birthday Sweater to Southern Purls, our weekly knit-in. Isn't it fun? Love the three dimensional frosting on the cake. She always wears a fabulous knit to make her entrance.
 And Ellen our Guild President finished her mobius, which I covet and will just have to make one for myself. It is double the length but so light and airy. Knitted jewelry, if you ask me.
We have a LOUD and fun time at this group.

My sister is coming to the studio today and we are going to dye yarn ala Attic 24's collection.
Brooke wants to make this garland like Lucy made, or maybe one of her own design. But she needs juicy wonderful colors. So we'll dye them.

I have loads of worsted weight white wool including this aran fisherman knit that I have lost interest in finishing. It has been ignored long enough and I will frog it and make beautiful new colored yarn from it.


  1. I love Marj's sweater!! How colorful!! No wonder you liked it...LOL

    Don't you just love Attic 24's colorful pillows, etc.? And her tutorials are wonderful. Thanks for pointing out her blog :)

  2. Hi friend,
    Love the sweater! Envious of your loud and fun group! Good for the soul, isn't it? I have a question- does frogging a sweater mean unraveling it?

  3. I am totally hooked on Lucy's blog and am crocheting her granny squares like mad! Love that they start out with two circle rings before going on to the old fashioned granny thang! Love her tutorials! Have fun today with the dyeing!

  4. Just visiting...meandering the blogs. So glad I came upon your blog. I'm adding you to my favorite blog list. The colors of your yarns are more than wonderful. You dye them? Wow. God bless.


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