Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Catchin' Up

So much has happened since last we spoke. I mustn't miss a day of blogging or I am hopelessly behind. Monday was jam packed. I met my sister Brooke for breakfast, at 10am which is really brunch if you think about it, and then we went all over Chattanooga in search of the perfect yarn, which we did not find. Brooke wants a small amount of every color in the rainbow and I want her to use good wool yarn not cheezy acrylic, since I am a bonafide yarn snob these days, which could become expensive, unless we dye it ourselves. Which we will.
The weather was totally Springlike, with temps in the mid 60's and the motorcycles and convertibles with tops down were everywhere.
At one pm I went to the regular meeting of the Knitting Guild (not the mini Weds. knitting group) where I volunteered to produce a website for them, and then officially became a paying member. I met up with an old (like a year) friend, Veronica and we had a nice catching up chat.
Meanwhile back at the ranch...
Dave and our hired man Mike are making the grand entrance to the Mexican Chalet by planting a big fir tree at the big rock at the end of our driveway.
In progress...
They did eventually get it straightened. This was our outside Christmas tree which was tied to our porch and decorated with lights and garland. It survived all the freezes, rain and wind and still looks fabulous. They guys dug the hole for it back in November, thinking the ground would be frozen when planting time arrived. Mostly it was full of water all that time. Drainage is a problem with this clay we have.
The rock wall is coming along nicely and the one side is almost totally finished with more rock being brought in while I was in town yesterday. Mr. Mulch (Dave) managed to find a guy to deliver woodchips and Mike is spreading them around the 'estate' to good effect. The rocks are a bit of a distance from the slope and currently the space is being filled with the chips and will be topped with soil for plantings. I will again try to grow something that the voles will not eat. Ha!


  1. Wow! You got no snow! How weird... can't wait until you post about yarn dyeing! I think I'm ready to think about it. I like variegated, but the selection we have is crummy here.
    Looking at the yard posts makes me want to play in the garden, but it's still asleep under the snow... 3-4 more months, then maybe!

  2. The other nite while out to dinner with some quilters/knitters/crocheters I replied to a comment about yarn - specifically that I shop at the lys for my sock yarn rather than HB or JoAnns - I did sound like a yarn snob. In the same breath - for some of my crochet projects I do shop the 'big box' stores.


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