Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Out of Commission
I've done it again. I've overknit.
I should know better, having experienced this many times in the past. I get so addicted to clicking needles and fondling yarns that I don't stop and rest and then my arm and hand throb all night.
So other than bake, I guess I will be forced to clean. Ugh. Or I could clean for a specified few minutes (ten on the timer) and then read something. I have all those new books...
NO, I cannot quilt or paint, as both use that same arm and hand.
Hmm...There's always rearranging of furniture...


  1. Well, crap! I selfishly hope your arm and hand get better soon so we can continue to enjoy our eye-candy!

  2. been there, done that! The only thing that fixes it is rest. I try now to take a break at least once an hour when knitting, maybe your timer would work for that?

  3. I once did marathon knitting of a sweater for my daughter to take to Belgium with her. I got the worst case of tennis elbow. Ouch!! Rest it.

  4. Something refreshing about moving furniture. In the midst of the season, why not?

  5. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Even I could have predicted this with my smoke filled crystal ball.

    I was getting dizzy trying to keep all your projects straight!

    Thank goodness I don't have a competitive bone in my body. :o)

  6. Go with the book idea. That's where I am today. I'm calling a mental health day.

  7. Since DH's stint in Physical Therapy and the need for "NO PAIN" during those sessions, I've learned about Tylenol.
    Even this past week while I've coughed so hard that my ribs/torso hurt like crazy - I've learned that a couple of Tylenol at bedtime makes it feel much better.

  8. Tammy5:04 PM

    I agree with Susan Turney - but please take care of your hurting parts !!!

  9. Anonymous5:39 PM

    I'm sure you're spending lots of time in the hot tub! Take care of yourself!

  10. I think you should sit back, pour yourself a couple glasses of wine and read, listen to radio and watch movies! Wish I could join you!

  11. Time to take up yoga? I'm just a baby at knitting, but I find that after about 15-20 minutes, I need to put it up because I'm getting "pins & needles" in my right hand... but I am enjoying it! Very meditative...

  12. So sorry to about your hand and arm. I agree with the pills - but make sure when you knit you keep pillows/cushions as support under you right arm don't let it "dangle" and try using one of those "quilters elasticated support gloves" on your hand as well that will help. Make sure you wear the glove inside out so the seams don't dig into your hand. Also mind how you type on the lap top support your arm and elbow.
    Take care.

  13. Agree totally with above suggestions, especially what Lizzie said about supporting the right arm. And taking breaks...and limits! Limits are the worst thing! But the flesh is weak,so we have to rest. I'm so sorry for your pain and I hope you recover soon. Take it slow, and enjoy movies and reading for now!Some fish oil couldn't hurt either.


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