Monday, December 28, 2009

Looking Ahead

Today I am 62 and I am counting my blessings.
What a fabulous year it has been. One of the best if you ask me. Just having my family move here would be all I would need to make it great, but so many other things have happened too.
Dave has been so happy, which I loved watching. With baseball this summer and now playing with his guitars, and working on the yard, he has been so active and healthy, mostly.
And making lots of new friends is so wonderful too. The Dead Plants Society and the new knitting group, plus all the great gals I met when we did the dye workshop in May. So much fun for me.
Finally setting up my studio and getting the deck and hot tub done is so satisfying. These are things I use daily.
I learned a lot of new things this year too.
Several knitting techniques, which I had never understood before, became clear.
I learned a big trick to cleaning my kitchen, which is to put away everything first and then start to clean. Simple but revolutionary to me.
I learned that impatiens and nasturtiums reseed here. Wonderful!
And that my goldfish reseeded too.
I learned how to relax and just read all day on the porch feeling the summer breezes.
I learned to hook up my laptop to my tv and watch internet things on the big screen. LOVED that.
And my sister taught me all sorts of ways of getting around Chattanooga that saved me time and avoided traffic, getting me to the stores I wanted sooner.
I am so glad I have good health back again, with my knee being pain free and walking around (shopping!) again without getting worn out. Nothing like it.
So I am looking forward to being 62 for a whole year and wonder what wonderful things will happen this year. To start, I am going to the foot doctor, just for a check-up, and then on to see my sister, because I'll be so close to her place.
Dave is going to a doctor in another town and so we are apart for most of today. Knowing this, we celebrated last night. I made a special birthday dinner and this cheesecake bar recipe. Deelish! You should try it before the big diet starts on January first.
I love having the blog and keeping in touch with y'all. (I'm getting that Tennessee twang going).
Thanks for your kind attention.


  1. Happy birthday from a faithful reader!

  2. Happy birthday from Switzerland!

  3. Marina L8:37 AM

    Happy birthday from South Africa!

  4. Marina L8:37 AM

    Happy birthday from South Africa!

  5. Happy Birthday Mel!!! Have a great day and I hope the great year you are looking forward too is even greater than you wish for.

  6. Please add my Happy Birthday wishes to the others! It's nice to see someone enjoy a birthday rather than pout over a certain number.
    You are an inspiration!
    Vicky F from snowing West Michigan

  7. Happy Birthday and wishing you another fine year!


    Mel of the north

  8. HaPPy birthday...I hope this is only the beginning of the best years of your life!

  9. Happy Birthday....
    go for another good year! :-)

    Fernande in Luxembourg

  10. What a lovely reflection. It has been a wonderful year of reading for us too. Additional birthday wishes from here too.

  11. Happy Birthday, dear wonderful fabulous Melody (even your name is great)!! Thank you so much for all of your inspiration, dedication, generosity, willingness and openness with us, your devoted and loyal fans!!!! You have given me the courage to try for more in every way. Thank you for that, too. Happy Happy Joy Joy

  12. Dear Melody, happy birthday! Thank you for sharing your creativity, talent, terrific projects and family with us. Your blog is on my "must-read" list every day. Wishing you and Dave and your extended family a fabulous 2010 and beyond.

    Hope YOUR day is the BESTEST ever!!!'

  14. Happy birthday from the Pacific Northwest!

  15. Happy Birthday from Minnesota (where there is a LOT of snow...!)

  16. Happy Birthday, Melody! I may not comment much, but I read your blog every day. I live in British Columbia now, but I moved here a couple of years ago from your area (actually Kentucky, just above the Tennessee state line). It's like a little trip back there when you show your yard and describe the weather, the trees, the garden, etc. Like you, we also retired, choosing to do something completely different, so I followed your move and adjustment to your new home. Glad to hear it's all working out for the two of you. (It is for us too!)

  17. Teresa11:43 AM

    Happy Birthday from sunny (at the moment) Florida. The dyeing class was one of the hightlights of my year, so thanks again for that!!
    Wishing you a fantastic 2010!

  18. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Happy Happy Birthday Melody! I/m so glad your move to Tennessee has brought such joy to your life - here's hoping for another 40 years of that!

  19. Happy Birthday, Melody!
    Sounds as though your thoughts are summing up this past year and looking forward to the coming year.
    My birthday, my 70th, is in a couple of days and it seems I, too, reflect upon the days of my life 'round this time of year. Guess it has something thing to do with the new beginnings on January first.
    Have a special day !

  20. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Must add my happy birthday wishes to the choir. Loved your reflection on your past year. Thank you for your blog; I'm a faithful reader.
    Phyllis in Sunny Burbank

  21. Anonymous12:00 PM

    Happy Birthday!!! So glad you are embracing it! (so refreshing to hear!) Have a wonderful year and I also hope Dave continues to enjoy life!
    I do enjoy your upbeat and inspiring blog. Thank you!
    <3 judi in wny

  22. Hippo Birdy Two Ewes Dear Melody.
    XXOO Your happiness is evident.

  23. I hope you are having a great day. I turned 62 in November and find it to be a wonderful age. Happy Birthday to you!

  24. Happy birthday, young lady!

  25. Happy Birthday! Your blog is the first one I read every day. Love your positive attitude about everything.

  26. Love your twang! Happy birthday! Hello to Brooke.

  27. Anonymous3:23 PM

    Wishing you many more happy birthdays to celebrate. Greetings from Germany.

  28. Happy, Happy B Day! And thank you for taking us along on your colorful adventures, this year past and those before. When I come home from work too fried to get into the joy of making, which is all to often these days, it is especially wonderful to come your blog and see what magic you have made. You truly do brighten my days from way over there in Tennessee.
    Congrats on a great year Mel. Also a special thank you for testing the waters of 62 for me. I'm just a tad behind you.

  29. Happy Birthday, Mel! How nice that your year has been a great one.

  30. Happy Birthday, Melody!!!
    What a happy post! I think you should print it and hang it someplace where it can be read if you ever have "one of those days"!
    I'm 64 and personally think we're at the best time of our lives! I guess I've thought that pretty much all along but really.....we don't have to get up to an alarm and we can do anything we want!!!
    Your blog is such a source of inspiration and we are so lucky that you are enjoying it so!
    May this coming year be as good or better than last year!!!

  31. Happy Birthday to you, Melody. Enjoy the day and all that you've learned, and here's hoping that you enjoy and learn even more next year. You're a lucky lady, and it's good that you know it! Take care.

  32. Happy Birthday and what a great year you've had! Take care.

  33. Happy Birthday, Melody. Have a wonderful year of discovery!

  34. Happy birthday. I feel happy for you. And I do love your blog.

  35. Thank you for your blog!
    Happy Birthday to you. [singing]

    And thank you for the New Moon fingerless mittens idea. I have a 14 yr. old granddaughter who is delighted with the pair I made for her in two days. Couldn't find what you said was the right color, so I went with black. She seems to be OK with that!

  36. Anonymous11:59 PM

    Happy birthday! I wish for you a year as happy and forfilling as this year has been. Thank you for sharing your days and adventures with all of us.

  37. Happy Birthday Melody. It's my birthday too. I've been reading your blog since I took a great class from you here in Tucson, Arizona. I hope this year is another great year for you and your loved ones.

  38. Happy birthday Melody! I hope the trips to the various doctor-people went well, and that you had a lovely day.

    I read your blog almost every day, and learn heaps from you. Sometimes about things I don't have any clue about - like knitting, but I still love reading about what you're up to!

    take care,


  39. Happy Birthday, celebrating your best year past and wishing you an even better one to come.

  40. happy birthday Melody! may you continue to inspire your legions of fans!

  41. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Happy Birthday Melody!
    I am so glad you and Dave are happy and healthy. I truly enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for sharing your life and art with us. Praying that this next year will be even more wonderful for you guys.

  42. chris h.10:05 AM

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and dreams with all of us. It is a joy to read your blog, which I do often. Happy Birthday from an old Illinois quilting friend!


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