Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sometimes a Great Notion...

...turns out to be a dopey idea. This looked good in the sketch, but the colors really aren't working together as I had hoped and so this will not become the neckwarmer, shawlette, collar or scarf or other finished but never-worn project.

But all is not lost. I discovered a better idea as I worked this and maybe I will have the fortitude to follow through. I really do like the long pointed rectangles, started here. I think they could be repeated, one attached to the previous one until a scarf is formed. Or not.

And I do love the yarn, just not all together in one project.

It must be my old age that has quenched the need for all colors, all the time. I do love looking at them, but I guess it's a case of been there done that which prevents me from repeating and repeating this same theme.

Hard to resist yarn candy. But experience being the great teacher, I know I would much rather have a garment or accessory that is less carnival and more coordinated.

So I will be frogging this experiment and will have nothing but neat little short yardage balls of yarn to show for my day of work. I am not upset. I know it's all in the process and if I learned something valuable, it was worth it.

Today I may finally plant the hosta that I bought in August. The leaves have all died off, so planting them just will be digging a hole and emptying the pots, with nothing on top to show for it. But I know (if the voles don't get them) something good will come of this work, eventually.

I am sensing a theme...


  1. Those are "Kay" colors.
    Love the combination.

  2. These look to me like something you should finish! I love the color combos. But....I've always loved bright colors and still do but am starting to really like using browns and tans and pops of brights...something I would never have thought of in the past! We'll never be "bored" as long as we keep trying new things!!

  3. You could wear it with an all black outfit and it would look fabulous. I can't imagine you ever looking carnival-ish!

  4. your blog is very beautiful and I like to look at your wonderfulo lworks. for me it is very hard knitting wiht english templtes. put with your wonderful pictures it my be go.
    wish you much new ideas and a wonderful evening
    much greetings

  5. When I saw the first image I thought I was looking at a very cool alien helmet with chinstrap!


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