Monday, October 12, 2009

Workshop Announcement
Next August 30-September 3 (2010, where does the time go?) I will be teaching again, for one week only, because I am RETIRED. I forgot all about being retired when I was invited to come to the Fabrications Retreat in Kalamazoo MI and teach two classes. One is a two day dye class, ala The Lazy Dyer, and the other is a three day fusing class, “The Art Quilt: Design and Improvisation”.
There will be more informations in the coming weeks as their website is under construction at this time, but I already have a link in the sidebar, but here is a preview:
Fabrications Retreat
We will remain in Kalamazoo, Michigan at the Radisson Plaza Hotel; however, our format will be a little different this time. There will be 2, 3, and 5 day classes available. You will have the opportunity to work with two different teachers, or simply attend the retreat for the days you're available. Session 1 will be our two day classes and the beginning of the five day classes. It will take place August 30th and 31st, 2010. Session 2 will be three day classes and the end of the five day classes. It will run from September 1st through September 3rd, 2010.
Our teachers for session 1 & 2 (five day class) are Elizabeth Busch, Carol Soderlund, and Laura Cater-Woods.
Session 1 (two days, Mon. & Tues.) teachers are Melody Johnson, Larkin Van Horn, Beth Ann Williams, and Laura Cater-Woods.
Session 2 (3 days, Wed, Thurs., & Fri.) are Melody Johnson, Rayna Gillman, Beth Ann Williams, and Laura Cater-Woods. Laura's class is a guided studio that will allow for students to come into the class for 5 days or just for a couple days.
Melody and Beth Ann are teaching different subjects in each session. The website will have all the class information within the next few days.
Tuition + lunch will be as follows:
Session 1: $360.00
Session 2: $525.00
Sessions 1 & 2: $850.00
The deposit is $150 for sessions 1 or 2, $200 for both. I will be accepting checks, money orders, credit cards, and paypal. The Radisson is offering us the same room rate as they did this year, approximately $99 per night for double occupancy. You will need to reserve your rooms by calling (269) 343-3333. Be sure to mention you are with the Fabrications Retreat.
To register, contact me via email: cathy at


  1. It is absolutley no fair that three of the teachers (you of course) that I would like to study with are all teaching at this event. Boo-hoo -hoo!!

    Oh well...eeny, meeny, miney moe.....

  2. Will be great to finally meet you after all these years.. I'll be in a different class, but the retreat is a great retreat with many inspiring people! Get ready to laugh way too much and have many PMP moments... (thats Pee'd My Pants :))


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