Friday, October 23, 2009

While the cat's away...

I was out all day and while I was gone Dave (Mr. Mulch) made a stair from the deck to the ground. It looks simple but it took two tries to get it level. He had to dig a trench, removing lots of soil/clay and then put in landscape timbers and 6x6" posts as a foundation. Then he covered that up with more decking, which we just happened to have leftover.

Genius!!! Now I don't worry about falling off the edge as much. It was kind of a drop and a high step to get up to the deck from this side, and now I have steps!! My hero...sigh.
We needed a patio table and inasmuch as it is way past summer, we were very lucky to get this half priced set at our local Wal-mart. It was the last they had and just right for our small family, as it came with six chairs. We have LOTS of chairs, everywhere. How does this happen?

Our original border around the air conditioner unit was askew, and we are going to remove the landscape timbers and fill in with soil and plants in the Spring. That should be nice...if they don't get eaten by those stinkin' voles.
I am so happy to have this deck, in the sunniest part of the yard, altho you can't say that today. But some days it is the sunniest part. And next summer I can see myself outside dyeing fabric here, without the tilting floor, as my old deck was in IL. We used that new recycled plastic wood called Choicedek (from Lowe's) so no warping, painting, staining or slivers. Hurray!


  1. Ummmmmmm... can I borrow Dave for a couple of days? ;)

  2. It looks GREAT, Mel! Congrats!

  3. You're going to get a lot of enjoyment from your patio next spring and summer. Are you going to be putting a roof of some kind over it or screening it in for more privacy and to keep bugs out?

  4. Colleen,
    It doesn't get all that buggy because of the frogs, fish and bats that live here. So no worries about that. And we are looking at getting an umbrella for those days when we want to sit out there during the hot parts of the summer. We have so much shade that even that will be seldom used.

  5. Anonymous4:16 PM

    Oh, it' looks awesome! And with he plastic decking, a lot easier to clean up the inevitable dye drips next spring!

    Gotta love those handy husbands!

  6. Love the deck, love the hubby - you DO rent him out, right? :-)


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