Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Decadent Life
I have trouble staying awake past 9 pm. That's what happens when your body clock wakes you up at 5am. But all my favorite TV shows are on late, when grown-ups are watching and try as I might to have a cup of coffee or tea in the afternoon, I still start fading after the first commercial.
So I have taken to watching the episodes online the next morning.
In Bed.
I know my eyes were open for most of these, but parts have disappeared from my memory, making me think I must have had a momentary dozing mid-show.
Last night it was The Good Wife which I LOVE!! And Monday it is Castle which is fluff, but MURDER fluff, so you know I have to try and solve the mystery. But another show that caught my attention was an UNinterrupted-by-fund-raising PBS series: Latin Music USA which had me doing the mambo in bed.

After a nice conscious watch, it is time for a dip in the hot tub. O I know, for some this is too much like a brag, having one's own hot tub, but keep in mind that we both worked like dogs all our lives and now that we are retired it is our one luxury. (I collected and redeemed soda bottles to save up for this. Really).
Then I get dressed and maybe do a load of laundry or wash the dishes and then it is on to knitting. This is my day until lunch, which we were able to enjoy in the sun (!) yesterday, for a change, and then maybe another soak. Yawn. No wonder I am all worn out and can't stay awake.


  1. Life is good and good things come to those who stay in bed! LOL

  2. It's a hard life but somebody has to do it!
    Oving The Good Wife too. I watch the same way since I have to get up at 6 am. Many of my favs are on at 10 as well.
    Mambo on Baby!

  3. Bask in your decadence, Mel!

  4. Loved it when we lived in a house with a hot tub out under the stars in the middle of the boonies. Loved it! (As long as the water chem balance was right, otherwise it can make you sick in a hurry!) Glad to hear you enjoying yours.

  5. Anonymous10:30 AM

    LOL, what a boring life you are enjoying?!?
    Enjoy your hot-tub, wish I had one but I don't even have the place or space to place one. So envy envy!
    You can brag all you want, I am enjoying it through you...LOL

  6. Isn't retiremant wonderful?
    My husband and I live the same kind of life.

  7. I'm glad your enjoying the fruits of your labor. We have a pool (it came with the house) and I would trade it any day for a hot tub, as moving has given me a killer backache.

  8. Life sounds wonderful - enjoy! You deserve it.

  9. Soda bottles? Really? Where do you find them? I remember collecting them as a child and getting a candy bar when I turned it in. Those days are gone... so now you turn them in for a hot tub?


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