Monday, October 19, 2009

First Frosting

Since it has been raining for two months with only the occasional pause for an overcast day, when the sun did finally break through it brought colder temps. Across the road the frost was clearly visible.
And on the hot tub cover we also found ice crystals.

My impatiens and basil have bit the dust and I may be cleaning up the garden today. No promises.

Sunday afternoon we had a lovely visitor, my friend Colleen, who brought over a nice bottle of Spanish red and a big dessert. We enjoyed nibbles, ala the Mexican Chalet, in the studio, warmed by the fireplace.

Here's the luscious pie Colleen provided. Coconut Cream with Meringue from the Dutch Maid Bakery in Tracy City TN. Dee-licious!

OMG. I must consider promises.

Pie Update: Dave finished it. Phew! Somehow it never sticks to his thighs...

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  1. Seems like it was just yesterday that you planted that basil, Melody!


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