Sunday, September 06, 2009

Sunday in the Woods

It is a rainy cloudy day, so no working out in the yard for us til it dries up. And yet it is a beautiful day to do nothing. So I decided to make a nice breakfast to celebrate the day off.
Nasturtiums, salvia and a sprig of basil are our bouquet.

We recently got smart and brought our indoor dining table out doors and it makes it so nice and fresh, and beats having a plastic tablecloth hands down. In case it got any darker or just for atmosphere, I lit a candle in a very dusty hurricane.
I had made pastry a few days ago and really needed to use it soon, so quiche was the answer,

Bacon, onion, green pepper, Swiss cheese, cheddar and parmesan, not to mention eggs and cream.

Light and fluffy. Yummamente.

The view from our table.

And over the railing, the garden.

I am not fond of camping. I like my own bed and warm plumbing, with no bugs. And all that packing and remembering everything, setting up the tent, and trying to get a fire going, not to mention the traffic there and back. Exhausting. But I love nature, and think that this for me, is the best way to enjoy it.


  1. I agree with you 200% about camping! love my own bed, warm plumbing and no bugs! enjoy your slice of nature!

  2. I'm in agreement too about camping. I think you're view is wonderful and the table you set, along with the quich, is simply lovely.

  3. You are indeed living the good life!

  4. I am also in agreement about not liking camping. How lovely your table looks on your porch and the view is so peaceful. Yummy quiche, too:)

  5. This little flower arrangement is so you! Lucky ones who are your guests.

  6. yummamente - what an excellent word to decribe that very delicious looking quiche!

  7. Oh that quiche looks great!

  8. pammyfay9:23 PM

    OK, either we all get evites to come eat quiche (we'll bring the wine!), or you must pass along your recipe!

  9. Last camping experience included an asthma attack in the boonies, no inhaler, no open drug store could be found, no sleep... which pretty much equals no camping for me. Though an actual cabin in the woods is a pretty cool thing in my opinion. =) Your quiche looks SO YUMMY!

  10. Beautiful. Enjoy.


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