Wednesday, September 16, 2009

If you are a daily blogger, let me offer a word of advice.
Never ever write that you plan to do something, anything. It puts a major monkeywrench in your day.
I foolishly wrote that I was going to write a pattern for a beret I had pictured. I set about re-knitting it and writing down the directions, only to discover that
1. I had no toothpicks (which I had plan to use as knitting needles)
2. The hat I proceeded to knit had two fewer mitered squares than my original hat. I didn't notice that until 4pm. Duh.
3. My deck workers arrived extra early, got a good start and then broke for lunch. It rained immediately, like a DELUGE, and never stopped until they packed up and left for the day at 1:30. Then the sun reappeared.

My one success of the day was washing the dishes. What a highlight.


  1. Funny you'd say that because I gave up ever blogging about my intentions/plans/goals/projects of the day for that very reason: it always gets messed up. I only ever mention what has happened. *That* is hard to change! Unless you're my mother and you're adept at rewriting history. LOL.

    Congratulations on washing the dishes. ;-D

  2. Anonymous7:03 PM

    Ah, Murphy strikes again!

  3. At least you accomplished something! We all have days like these.

    It seems like it would be very difficult to knit on toothpicks!

    Kristin in SC

  4. Darn I just finished blogging about a plan for tomorrow :)
    Our design roads are always paved with good intentions.
    I'm still trying to get it together with some fabric postcards I've been "talking" about. And I still have not finished the quilts I was supposed to do over the summer for my girls :(
    Maybe I'm wrong in my thinking but did you not take photos as you were going along of the hat?

  5. I have certainly been there done that many times. You'd think we'd learn but I find myself making a plan nonetheless....LOL
    It's raining here in Central Texas. If I didn't have "sand" in my yard, I'd have floated away by now....well, here's to another day. Take care.

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