Friday, August 14, 2009

Making Parts

My studio is not air conditioned, and for most things I never noticed it getting hot. But I am usually an early starter, and just getting all the fabric and tables arranged to get back into a quilting mode took longer than the cool morning lasted. I got this far and decided to return either later tonight (not a chance!) or earlier tomorrow.

I cut a strip of everything in a range from light yellow to dark green, with some oranges and blues/turq/purple. Honestly I am trying to limit my palette. But when I started assembling things, my green idea got very orange instead. How does that happen?

My inspiration came from a slide show I did in January of 2008. See it here. I plan some things but am open to whatever looks good as I construct them. More parts will be made than will work into one composition, which turns out to be how this series gets made.

OK I admit I am watching tv while I am doing this. Decorating shows and Food TV.
I love Ina Garten (Barefoot Contessa) and Candice Olson (Divine Design).


  1. Your colours give me immense pleasure! //I love Ina too but I don't think her show is playing here these days. //Trivia: I stood next to Candace at the Science Centre last year while we watched our kids play. I felt like a shrub next to a flowing willow tree. (She's very tall and slender.) :-O

  2. Those colors are simply gorgeous! I want!!!!

  3. beautiful fabric can't wait to see what you do with it.

  4. beautiful fabric can't wait to see what you do with it.

  5. Joyce Teal8:22 PM


    I know you vicariously through Colleen Kay and now I find we have another common friend. I work with Carol Grohn. Her husband, Larry, plays baseball with Dave!! What a small world!

    I see from your posts that your niece and family have moved to Chattanooga. I live in Hixson so I'd love to get together.

    You may remember that I had contacted you when you still lived in IL and were getting ready to move south as part of your retirement. I am at Chattanooga Market at First TN Pavillion almost every Sunday. Come by, you will love the fresh farmers market and all the ART!!!!!

    Take care,
    Joyce Teal

  6. I love that first picture....those colors stir feelings of happiness and optimism and just make me feel so good!!!!

  7. It's looking wonderful. I love the jolt of the commercial fabric in there!

  8. oh YUM! Love what you are doing so far and I'm a huge Barefoot Contessa fan as well. It's funny how well creating fun visual stuff works with food tv.

  9. These are fantastic! I love your sense of colour. And I love Candyce Olsen as well.


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