Thursday, July 16, 2009

Update: Totaled

We have finally gotten the results of the estimate on my PT's booboos and the insurance company decided to total the car. It doesn't look all that bad, but the wheels are bent and the frame must have been bent too, so it's getting a new car time around here.

Well, not exactly new. We rarely buy new. The PT was an exception, as I fell in love one day in July 2002 and that did it.

But now, I am thinking seriously about going back to a van. One in which the back seats can be removed, so I can bring home STUFF.

And it needs to be deluxe, so we can use it for touring the magnificent South. We are only a day's drive away from the Gulf of Mexico, or The Atlantic Ocean. We would love to take a few trips, in comfort, because as you know, we are officially old farts.

So we are spending a lot of time surfing car sites, comparing models and prices and features. I should have new wheels by next week. And not a minute too soon.


  1. For what it's worth, the Dodge caravan with the stow n go seats is easy! And Fun!
    Good luck with the car shopping!

  2. Wow! How come it took so long for the estimate of the damage??? I don't envy you looking for a vehicle. You'll find what you want, I'm sure.

  3. Okay... did I miss an entry? What happened to the PT?

  4. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Check out the Mazda 5 too.

  5. RIP PT! I'm sure you'll find something good for the next chapter. I drive a gas miser but occasionally wish I had some cargo space for sure! Oh the trouble I could get into...

  6. Hope you find something great. Dont's forget the Suburu Outback? Think I can imagine you in that.

  7. My 13 year old Plymouth Grand Caravan is still a workhorse. Even though the Little League mom era is long gone, I'm the one everyone calls when they need something hauled. And, it just plain COMFORTABLE to drive and ride in. I'm the bus driver for all field trips to Ikea and such.


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