Friday, June 26, 2009

O Happy Day

This funny self portrait (laptop camera) is to show you my hair is cut! Hurray! My hairdresser had injured her ankle and we all had to wait a month for her return, and so yesterday was my happy day to have her back and to have my haircut.
Plus it was the last day of my physical therapy and I am good as new (if I keep doing my exercises, and I will). To celebrate, I drove the newly fixed Ugly Betty to Goodwill, visiting the clothes I recently dropped off, and buying six new shirts. Woowoo! I love the rumdum.
Other happy news? In one week my sister and her family will leave Singapore and hit the shores of the US of A. We are so excited. She and I have been video chatting regularly in anticipation, and looking at rental apartments for their arrival in Chattanooga later in July. At this time there are about 18 good choices, and we have narrowed them down to three, all the same price, but in different locales. I am planning on calling them to see if they will rent mid month...which would work out great if they do. Rent is very reasonable here. And everything seems to come with all the extra stuff, like gyms, swimming pools and some even have washer dryer hook ups in the apt. itself. Plus the three we picked out are all close to shopping, schools and the main highways. No one has a job yet, so there is that to attend to also.
It all feels very 'fresh start' around here these days.


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