Monday, June 01, 2009


I have been bitchin' and moanin' about the moonlight coming through that demi-lune window and wakin' me up for months. Now the bright light of dawn is doing the same thing. I've had it!
Actually I have had it a long time ago and the fix just finally arrived.
I cut a piece of 1" styrofoam to the shape of the roofline in my room. Then I slip-covered it with a remnant of a pink sheet.
There is a shelf at the top of the wall and the window cover fits nicely up there, but, and this is a big but, if the fan is on, the styrofoam cover falls forward onto the fan blades and all heck breaks loose. My solution was to sew on small rings at the corners and use picture hanging hooks to keep the cover in place. I have been after DH to get this thing hung. For. Ever.
Finally, the workmen left their tall ladder here (along with the unfinished details...grrr) and I borrowed it and standing on the highest safe rung, hung the damn thing myself.
The big test. Will it stay up when the fan is on high speed?
Sometimes it takes a crabby woman to get the job done.
PS. Notice at the top photo, the hornet's nests in the roof peaks. eek!


  1. Amen for the crabby woman who can get 'er done! good for you and happy sleeping in.

  2. Hillary Clinton was going to call her book, It Takes a Crabby Woman but her publishers thought ...'village' would sell better. (I'm so funny!). Yay Crabby Power!

  3. You know, it just takes a woman, crabby or not, to get almost anything done. I ask for help, just for the fun of it, but always plan to do it myself.

  4. Great job!
    Be sure to get rid of the hornets nest or they will get into the house- I know from experience- they love to get into the walls-

  5. Anonymous5:12 AM

    Very cute solution. I wish you had made a video of the fan blowing it off....for my 'laughing my head off pleasure'

    Get one of those smoking thingy on a long pole and smoke those hornets away, then remove the nest. You could call the 'environmental' people or the fire brigade to come remove it for you. Don't call pest control, they might destroy them.

  6. Anonymous7:43 AM

    Slip covering Styrofoam! What a great idea! Sometimes you just have to do things yourself to get them done. Way to go!

  7. Oh Poo!...when I saw the first photo I thought you had just hung a fabric curtain and thought how cool it would look at night with the light glowing from behind it at dusk...a big red eye - Melody's Red Light District!

  8. One of the first things I did when we moved here was tie-dye some crinkle cloth, cut a form from foam-board, and cover the high window in the living room, which let sunlight pour in every afternoon. And no, I didn't ask for help... my DH is not cut out for such things! Great job, Mel!

  9. That is indeed what it sometimes takes! Good for you! :D

  10. Now get crabby with those workmen so we can see your new studio!!!!

  11. I would have held Dave's baseball mitt hostage until done! Great solution!


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