Monday, May 11, 2009

A Very Different Spring

Veggie Bed #2 with all the seeds up and at 'em. Green beans, cucumbers, beets and carrots.

These are the carrot seedlings. Way too many, way too close together. They were supposed to take 12 days to sprout, but three was more like it. So much rain and gentle temps made this happen faster. I will be ripping out tons of them soon as they are big enough to grasp.

The clematis continue to bloom, and while they look blue on my screen, they are truly lavender-y in real life.
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The vegetation on our hill is dense already, and what little sun we've had makes the green glow.

The rhodies are open now and getting bombarded with heavy rains almost on a daily basis, so take a quick look now, and then boom, all the petals will drop at once.

I got a bargain with these Gerbera, $5. They are so happy to be watered daily.

And I had Dave pick up four more Lily of the Valley plants the last time he went to the Dr. They are planted at the base of our new flea market magnolia. Pink tulip like blooms, which are all gone now.
With all this rain I was wondering when we would begin to see tadpoles in the pond, so I went back to last year's blog entries and found we are way behind tadpole season. They were out in force last April and now...nothing. Not that we need any new froggies, but still. Could it be the rain washed them down the drain? I check the pond every day and one or two should be clinging to the edge, but not this year.

Another change in the Spring was our discovery of ten dogwoods which had not previously bloomed in our woods. At least not when we lived here. And the wild hardy geraniums are so profuse that the roadsides are PINK. I must go dig up some...

Speaking of which, I found a big glob of iris growing wild in a dark part of the woods down the road. I assume they were dumped because of iris borer, but now they look perfectly happy and healthy. They will be moved here as soon as they quit blooming. I already picked a yellow iris from our pond garden, since it was so top heavy it fell over. So many times a good start ends face down in the mud.

I am so excited to say that I have found an electrician/contractor to come in and do my studio. He will survey the situation on Friday, and that is soon enough since my lights will be shipped here during the week. Woowoo!!


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