Saturday, May 09, 2009

Time to Change the Lights

I have complained about the lighting in the studio long enough and now it is time to do something about it. I have decided that this is going to be a permanent studio space and the lights must reflect that. Still I want it to be flexible enough that it can work as a gallery space when I am not working. That means bright task light and adjustable light for displaying the art.

First remove all existing fixtures. No more Victorian ceiling fans and sconces.

Then new tracks will be installed to flank the long walls on either side of the room.

Adjustable fixtures with rheostats for display lights on the art work, should we need dimming... these will be on a different control than the big room lights.
And down the center of the room three banks of fluorescents with color corrected bulbs. It will be blazingly bright, just like my old studio in IL. And of course the beige walls and ceilings will have to be painted white too. I am satisfied that this change will make me WANT to go into the studio and work. And I really need to work. Now that the garden is pretty much under control I am desperate to be creative again.

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  1. Is a garden really ever under control or do we just think it is?

    Much as I love, love, love your garden, I miss your work.

    You have amazing recuperative powers.

  2. What a large room! Sure needs enough light. Good idea to install these lamps.
    -- How are your knees, by the way? I hope you're well.

  3. Beautiful choices in lighting.
    I will await all your new work!

  4. Teresa7:31 AM

    It is going to look great!
    Does this redo involve a trip to Ikea? I am going there today - my first visit! I am getting the Billy bookcase for my office/studio!

  5. Design Studio White by Ralph Lauren!


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