Monday, May 04, 2009

After the Workshop Questions


IMG_1779 IMG_1780

A couple of days ago I posted a slide show of dyeing samples and several questions came up about these photos. #1 shows the dyed silk shantung on platters (plexiglass) sitting on my table in the hot sun drying. The sun made the dyes form those patterns. I had nothing to do with it and it cannot be duplicated indoors or on just a warmish day. The speed of the drying was accelerated by the 98 degree temps. OK?

The dye workshop was wonderful in that the students all had fun and went home with lots of color. I would have liked it to be dry and sunny so we could have tried to do direct application and have it dry on the spot, but it was not to be.

The rains continue and when they are finally done, sometime next week, I am buying a mosquito net, a machete, and taking malaria pills. Maybe not…since we have an ABUNDANCE of frogs, birds and bats who are starving for fresh meat. One commenter or two asked if the fish have been washed down the drain, and be reassured that I saw them today, frolicking like teenagers at the beach.


  1. ShirleyB12:30 PM

    Being a mosquito-magnet myself, that is something I've wondered about ever since finding out you had a pond -- especially with it located so close to the house. I had to laugh when I read that you were getting "a mosquito net, a machete, and taking malaria pills"! Hope the frogs, birds and bats come to your rescue!!!

  2. I love the word abundance. Excellent use of such a great word ...

    Dry out soon.

  3. Thanks for answering questions about that gorgy silk. I will try on a hot sunny day coming up soon!

  4. I like the word frolicking... it's been a while for me, but I do believe I am going to put a little frolicking on my agenda for this week.

  5. Oh darn! We're heading to winter here, and even summer doesn't manage above about 70+ often, so I think I'll have to admit defeat on that one, but I did get all tingly when I saw it!

    I sympathise about the mosquitos, they love me too and I get quite irrational when I'm being eaten alive... no-one would be safe nearby!

    Thanks for a great blog,

  6. A machete and malaria pills - I like that!
    Love the dyed fabric - very, very cool.


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